• Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

2023: The year travel revival is complete in India to regain the pre-pandemic levels of 2019

Dec 28, 2022


“The Indian traveler has shown unprecedented zeal through 2022 to make up for the lost travel opportunities during the pandemic lockdowns. This “revenge travel” led spike in travel of 2022 will become the yearly routine in 2023 and beyond, continuing the growth trajectory next year. As people’s memories are alive with the recreational and wellness benefits of their 2022 trips, something they are eager to repeat every year to get a reprieve from their hectic and stressful daily routines. “We will see demand for nature retreats, wellness tourism, and spiritual travel further increase in 2023, driving growth in domestic tourism in India,” said Ashish Sidhra, Co-founder of Alike.io.

“With pandemic-led international travel uncertainties subsiding during the second half of 2022, the Indian traveler will seek novel international locations in 2023 to add to their trip plans. In this segment, the Indian Millennial traveler is no longer happy with cookie-cutter trips and wants a personalised trip plan driven by peer recommendations. 2023 will see this urge for personalised social travel becoming an even bigger phenomenon.” he added to his comments.

“However, one of the most important Indian travel trends of 2023 will be the increased influx of foreign tourist guests to India. Foreign arrivals by July 2022 were already at 79% of 2019 levels and will surpass these historical highs next year. With India taking over the G20 Presidency, the recall of brand India will grow many folds in top global source markets, driving increased international guest visits to India. The Government of India is aiming to bank on this trend and has finalised “Incredible India! Visit India Year 2023” as its marketing tagline”, asserted Ashish.