4 travel tech startup with disruptive tech spinning the Travel industry

Our daily lives have been impacted by technology, which has changed the way we work, shop, eat, and enjoy our free time. The travel sector has profited from ongoing technology improvements as well. Today, we can plan full trips by making reservations for hotels, flights, sightseeing excursions, and other activities on our smartphones. Nowadays, travel is a necessary component of our way of life. Glory Days Bay estimates that the worldwide travel technology industry will cross the $12 billion threshold by 2026, rising at an anticipated CAGR of more than 7.7% from 2021 to 2026.

Some smart brains made the decision to start a venture in the travel sector with the advantages of travel in mind. The market is anticipated to reach $9 billion by 2025 as a result of a surge in contemporary travel start-ups and shifting consumer preferences. Travel companies help customers create customized travel arrangements to make their vacations hassle-free, from booking tickets to occasionally offering exhilarating discounts and deals.

We have narrowed down the list of 4 travel tech startups that clout the technology to revolutionize the Travel Industry:

Alike.io logo

Alike.io is the world’s first content creator-focused Travel Commerce platform that incentivizes content creators by sharing revenues of bookings influenced by the creator. Launched in collaboration with Dubai Tourism, Alike.io is the flagship offering of travel tech innovator – kitmytrip. Powered by their e-commerce-enabled no-code platform, Alike.io offers the content creators (the Insiders) their own studio to showcase their travel content, boosting the success of a whole new set of travel micro-entrepreneurs – the Travelpreneurs.

Alike.io’s uniqueness is its capability to make travel content bookable. For this Alike.io has already done tie-ups with experience providers across 200 global destinations, which is being made live on the platform in phases over the coming months. Building on their rapid growth, Alike.io is already collaborating with marquee brands like Zomato, SBI, and Dubai Tourism to bring the benefits of their platform to the global traveler.

safety wing


SafetyWing is building the first global safety net for remote companies, remote workers, and nomads worldwide. Our products are built and designed by a fully remote team of nomads distributed across three continents. Starting with Nomad Insurance – a travel medical insurance for nomads, and our most recent product, Remote Health – comprehensive health insurance available for remote companies and individuals worldwide. We are building out a product collection of insurance, pension savings, and income protection – that in the future will be available as a membership.

mint house

Mint House :

Mint House combines the classic comfort of home and the modern luxury of a hotel, giving guests all the perks and none of the tradeoffs. We’ve ditched losable key cards, long lines, room service, and other relics for the things we miss when we travel—kitchens, groceries, workout routines, and the space to spread out. Every part of the Mint House experience is powered by smart technology, making your stay personal, predictable, and effortless.



Quietly transforming the hospitality landscape by setting a new standard in travel payment from any direct touchpoint. Amid this global transformation that has crippled the hospitality industry, Selfbook aims to propel the industry forward by empowering hotels with better ways to recover and reconnect. By improving their direct booking conversion, hotels can increase revenue and save up to 25% on commissions and fees while elevating the customer booking experience online.