5 Common Misconceptions About Study App

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With digitalisation taking the educational worldwide storm, various studying applications were launched in the past few years. Almost every student utilises one or two study apps to get some help from them in their studies. And why not, these applications are excellent sources of rich information that is required for the students to study better. Also, these have add features which also grabs the attention of the students and helps them stay motivated throughout the year. However, there is also a certain chunk of society which is deprived of this advantage of digitalisation because of some common misconceptions. It is important that you bust these myths about the study app in order to use them to the fullest and enjoy their benefits.

  • A study app is always paid — Students don’t even think of downloading the study application because they think that it requires them to pay some amount of money for the annual usage. Well, yes, there are applications which provide you with the paid version, but you will be happy to know that there are hundreds of educational applications which are entirely free as well. There might be premium features in some of them, but overall these are free and grant you access to all the features without paying anything in return.
  • The study apps are difficult to use — This is another misconception that almost all the students believe in and that is why they don’t download the study apps. Well, you will be surprised to know that most of these applications are curated in a very simple and easy to understand language. They are also very systematically designed that is why you can access them both from mobile and laptops easily. The inbuilt feature of these applications can also be customised and personalised according to your level of difficulty which again makes them very convenient to use.
  • You can use these study apps only for exercises — Many of you think that you have to access the study applications only when you need to solve the exercises. This is not true!  You can login to these exercises to get solutions to your problems, attempt the mock tests and even view and hear the video and audio lectures.
  • The solutions of the study app are not verified — If you have any doubt that the solutions provided in the study applications are not verified or wrong, then you are entirely wrong. These answers are curated by experts of the educational field of that subject and are double verified through various mediums as well.
  • You don’t get access to advanced technology through the free learning apps — Most of you think that the study applications which offer you a premium or advanced version only provide you the various upgraded features like artificial intelligence, 3D augmentation and so on. Well, in reality, even the free learning apps provide you with all these features and in a very convenient manner.

These are some of the misconceptions associated with studying applications. There might be more that you will come across while you are thinking of downloading any educational application. Remember to verify the myths before believing them so that you are not deprived of the advantages of these applications.