5 Connected Vehicles Startups and Companies Operating in India

For a long time, the Indian automotive sector’s contest has been centered on dominating the marketplace while also being the frontrunner in servicing costs, fuel efficiency, and engine performance. The customary standards of business are evolving as hardware becomes more commoditized and software-based services become more valuable. Connected vehicles have opened up a huge opportunity for Indian automakers to tap into a new value chain that predominantly exists in European countries. The increased demand for infotainment and navigation solutions in India is one of the driving forces for this niche sector. We bring you the top 5 connected vehicles startups and Companies operating in India:

Trak N Tell
Founded in 2009 by husband-wife duo, Pranshu Gupta and RituGupta, Trak N Tell is a Gurgaon-based car telematics solutions start-up that provides Connected Car Tracking and Safety Devices which ensure the safety of the car and family members both on and off the road. Trak N Tell with the help of the latest IoT IntelliPlay variants connects customers to their vehicles’ sensors, analyses the data it receives from the vehicle, and allows users to monitor it from anywhere using the Trak N Tell app. The specifications include Tracking of Intelligent Vehicles, Car Finder/Locator, Geo-Fence Notification, Overspeed Warnings, Engine Health Status, Engine Immobilizer, Impact Alert Calling, Panic Button, and much more. The technologically advanced IntelliPlay range also features a reverse camera and a dash camera, allowing vehicle owners to see exactly what is going on around them. Furthermore, its large screen supports a variety of Android Auto and Apple Car Play features, making it an ideal infotainment system. Trak N Tell has a strong presence in India, but it also has operations in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Guatemala, Guyana, and other countries. Over two lakh car owners have successfully retrofitted Trak N Tell’sconnected car devices in their vehicles to date.

MapmyIndia, founded in 1995 and headquartered in New Delhi, is an Indian technology company that develops digital map data, telematics services, location-based SaaS, and GIS AI technologies. MapmyIndia has evolved into the industry’s foremost telematics solution for vehicle tracking and fleet management. As the demand for telematics solutions grows, MapmyIndia has expanded its offerings to serve as many industry verticals as possible.MapmyIndia’s ground-breaking logistics tracking solution provides visibility into vehicle location and activities regardless of geography. It provides a clear insight into the location of resources, assets, and cargo at any given time, increasing asset safety and security. The ‘Panic button’ feature on MapmyIndia sends a safety alert or notifies the vehicle owner’s contacts in the event of an emergency. In the occurrence of misuse, theft, or hijacking, the ‘Block your vehicle’ feature shuts down the car’s ignition.

LightMetrics, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Bangalore, provides an Al-based platform for real-time driver coaching and associated driver safety analytics to businesses in the automotive ecosystem. LightMetric’s world-class team brings a diverse skill set that is uniquely appropriate for the task of bringing advanced video telematics to the mainstream – camera technology, embedded computer vision, AI, systems programming, and web development, among others. LightMetric provides solutions for fleets of all sizes, with the goal of assisting mobility businesses in becoming safer and more productive through a better understanding of driving behavior. Users only need to configure the device and connect the vehicles to the platform. The platform includes features such as forward collision warning, drowsiness detection, distracted driving detection, loop recording, and so on. Clients include Zonar, among others.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Bangalore, Safetrax is an IoT-enabled fleet management solution for school transportation. It offers end-to-end software solutions for employee transportation & school bus services. It offers dashboard views, live tracking, driver/user app, routing, automated billing/reports, attendance management & more.Safetrax is easy to set up because it only requires a GPS tracker, an access card reader, and a panic button. The Safetrax routing algorithm reduces travel costs and time by optimizing transport operations. 100+ clients prefer Safetrax across India, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Their mobile app is easily available for iOS & Android devices.

Intangles, a Pune-based IoT company founded in 2015, specialises in Advance Telemetry and Operations Automation. Intangles has designed its own set of proprietary algorithms that enable fleet operators to monitor vehicle performance in real time. It provides a variety of solutions for vehicle tracking, vehicle health monitoring, driver behavior monitoring, fuel monitoring, and other applications. It also provides users with hardware and software-enabled solutions. It offers hardware devices such as OBD devices and fuel sensors that must be installed in vehicles and synchronised with the Indium software platform for real-time tracking and access. Moreover, the company covers features such as prognostic monitoring, an interactive dashboard, hybrid analytics on the fleet, and others. Intangles’ Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is its cutting-edge proprietary algorithms, which enable fleet operators to make informed decisions.