AbhiBus Chennai, 25 October 2023: Have you ever thought about mixing tea leaves with your coffee or pairing chapati with plain rice? Probably not. How about noodles tucked inside a dosa? Unconventional, right? In a groundbreaking marketing endeavor, AbhiBus, India’s highest-rated bus booking app, is turning heads with its latest campaign, “Wrong Da.” This campaign ventures into the realm of unconventional choices, echoing the surprising scenarios often encountered in the world of bus ticket booking. And guess who’s leading this captivating charge? None other than the charismatic South Indian sensation, Silambarasan TR, affectionately known as Simbu.

The “Wrong Da” campaign is a spectacular showcase of AbhiBus’s standout features, putting the spotlight on Instant Booking and Refunds, India’s largest bus network, and 24×7 Customer Service. Simbu, our magnetic star, gracefully molds the ‘right’ symbol with his fingers, leaving a resounding mark that echoes convenience, reliability, and affordability, all of which AbhiBus bestows upon travelers. With the creative genius of Simbu, “Wrong Da” seamlessly embodies the heartbeat of Tamil Nadu’s diverse populace, striking a profound connection with every traveler’s soul.

Rohit Sharma, the COO of AbhiBus, enthusiastically shares, “Our ‘Wrong Da’ campaign is an ode to the unmistakable errors people make while booking bus tickets and guides them toward a superior, more convenient approach. This concept and video were born from the extensive research our team conducted, revealing that a staggering 85% of Indians still opt to book their tickets offline – enduring long queues or overpaying travel agents. These methods don’t guarantee their preferred seats or travel partners. Our mission is to enlighten travelers about the superior way to book their tickets, and that’s effortlessly achieved by booking online through AbhiBus.”

Simbu is equally thrilled about the campaign, stating, “I am proud to represent AbhiBus and be a part of the ‘Wrong Da’ campaign. AbhiBus’s user-centric approach and innovative technology are transforming the way people travel. With this campaign, we aim to connect with our audience and redefine their bus travel experiences.

“Wrong Da” is creating a buzz across Tamil Nadu, and with Simbu’s star power, it promises to be a memorable campaign that reshapes the bus travel narrative.

By Sujata