Advanta partners with to launch a first-of-its-kind Nutrifeed Germination Scheme for Forage Crops

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Bengaluru | June 20, 2023: Advanta and collaborate to launch its Nutrifeed Germination Scheme. This scheme is a trailblazer in the truest sense and aims to protect farmers (dairy farmers) from germination failure of forage crops (it’s Forage Millet Hybrids Nutrifeed), thus helping them sustain themselves during periods of crises. As a part of the risk cover, the farmers are compensated if the seed does not germinate within 15 days of sowing. For the unversed, forage crops include Sorghum, Millet, and Corn. Germination failure in the case of these crops leads to widespread losses for farmers; thus, this scheme helps bridge essential gaps.

Mr. Prashant Belgamwar Regional Head – Asia & Africa and International Vegetables, Advanta Enterprises Limited, said, “Our Hybrid Nutrifeed has set a benchmark for Green fodder. Farmers love and value this hybrid due to its immense yield potential, multi-cuts that ensure regular availability of fodder, a very low infestation of pests and diseases, highly nutritious fodder with high protein content and high digestibility, which reduces dependability on concentrates and leads to higher milk production and ultimately more earnings for the farmers. Nutrifeed truly is “Hare Chaare mein Bemisaal”. By extending the germination risk cover in partnership with, we are giving the confidence to farmers that their risk gets covered if the seed fails to germinate because of environmental stress. He can go ahead with confidence and take strides in his dairy farming.

The germination risk cover was born out of our conviction for our product Nutrifeed. Through Nutrifeed, we have developed a product that ensures germination by engineering a seed quality that is resistant to weather & environmental changes. Partnering with nurture. farm to offer farmers a germination risk cover scheme is our promise to them of assured germination and minimising any & all risk, be it weather, temperature, crop loss or financial risk.”

Mr Vivek Lalan, Head of Insurance at, said, “India caters to approximately 20% of the world’s livestock population, and forage crops are grown on less than 5% of the entire cultivable land in India. The idea behind the Nutrifeed Germination Scheme is to offer resilience against losses due to adverse weather conditions and protect farmers in case of germination failure by offering them a risk cover that safeguards them from potential financial losses. Forage crops prevent soil erosion, boost organic carbon content, give back nitrogen to the soil, and increase soil fertility. Typically, forage crops are used for crop rotation & as fodder for livestock. Forage crops are a critical component of nutrition management of animals. Therefore, germination of the forage crop & protecting farmers’ interest in case of germination failure becomes critically important.”