• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

After the Fact Payroll Software: ezPaycheck Can Now Support Unlimited Accounts with One Flat Rate

Jan 9, 2023

Orlando, FL, January 09, 2023 — New To test drive, ezPaycheck 2023 Payroll Software from halfpricesoft is shipping to accountants and employers who want to automate payroll taxes calculations in 2023. The new 2023 version can support unlimited accounts with one flat rate. It also comes with the after-fact payroll feature, which helps clients file year-end 940, 941, W2 and W3 tax forms easily and quickly.

Priced at just $139 per installation, ezPaycheck payroll software is affordable for any size business. Small Businesses looking for ways to save money on payroll processing and tax reporting can try out ezPaycheck payroll solution free for 30 days from http://www.halfpricesoft.com/payroll_software_download.asp, with no obligation and risk.

Despite its simplicity and ease of use, business owners should not mistakenly think ezPaycheck 2023 is short on features. ezPaycheck 2023 is packed with all the features a small business needs to run payroll quickly and easily, including:

  •  Supports daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly payroll periods. Features report functions, print functions, and pay stub functions.
  •  Automatically calculates Federal Withholding Tax, Social Security, Medicare Tax, and Employer Unemployment Taxes.
  • Includes built-in tax tables for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  •  Easily calculates differential pay
  •  Prints miscellaneous checks as well as payroll calculation checks.
  •  Prints payroll checks on blank computer checks or preprinted checks.
  •  Creates and maintains payroll for multiple companies, and does it simultaneously.
  •  Prints Tax Forms 940, 941, W2, and W3 (Please note, preprinted red forms are required for Copy A W2 and W3).
  •  Supports multiple accounts at no additional charge.
  •  Supports network access (additional cost)
  •  30-day free trial. No registration is required and absolutely no obligation.

When recently interviewed, Dr. Ge stated, “ezPaycheck payroll software is so flexible that it easily manages any combination of incomes, deductions, taxes and benefits, even commission payments, restaurant tips, local special taxes, and churches and nonprofits. Offering customers the best when it comes to their payroll needs is a number one priority for HalfPriceSoft.com.”

To get more information about how halfpricesoft.com and ezPaycheck payroll software are helping small businesses achieve a faster and easier method of handling their payroll needs, visit the site at: http://www.halfpricesoft.com/index.asp