ASKO Big Cooling Refrigeration by Hafele

Image 2_ASKO Big Cooling Refrigeration by Hafele

Make a statement in the kitchen. The extra-large ASKO fridge / freezers and wine chiller by Häfele make themselves known. They’re big, but also subtle. Hefty, but elegant.

Designed for maximum capacity, these appliances are loaded with smart features like dual refrigeration systems, flexible loading racks, height-adjustable shelving and convertible cooling drawers. The Multi Airflow system ensures even, regular air circulation throughout the entire refrigerator. Continuous air flow also stops food from drying out in the refrigerator – as a result preserving up to 60% of an ingredient’s first-day freshness. The fridge and freezer drawers have their own temperature control letting you select the right conditions for whatever you’re storing – wine, frozen food or fresh food. This adds real adaptability and convenience – for e.g. you can temporarily switch from freezer mode to fresh food mode.

The wine chiller comes with two temperature zones, each can be set to the exact right temperature for the type of wine you want to store in it, guaranteeing the very best storage conditions for your whole collection. The Beechwood Shelves are incorporated into telescopic shelving systems so that they glide smoothly back and forth while remaining totally stable. The wine chiller can hold up to 114 wine bottles (0.75 litre).

These appliances are real statement pieces – in terms of both the way they look, and what they’re capable of doing. But they’re also designed to harmonize perfectly with and complement the décor of a modern kitchen.