Axis Bank and AutumnGrey, Bangalore celebrate India’s Independence Day with a mesmerizing ode

Bangalore, India, 16 August 2023 –We have all grown up learning about India. Numerous lessons in school and inspiring tales passed down from one generation to the next has contributed to a common idea of what India is. However, can this theoretical understanding of India alone, be compared to the true essence of discovering what India truly means?

This is what Axis Bank in collaboration with AutumnGrey, Bangalore throws light on with their latest campaign called, Find Your India. On the occasion of Independence Day, the campaign urges all Indians to find one’s own version of India that comes to life every time one explores different regions of the country and encounter something distinct and meaningful to them.

Nishanth Ananthram, Executive Creative Director, AutumnGrey & Grey, Bangalore commented saying, “Working with Axis Bank brings us joy, as they collaborate with us as creative partners. This insight originated from them. Then, our creative and account management teams pooled their experiences of traveling the length and breadth of our country, and the script took shape. We had the privilege of working with the wonderful director, Deepti Nangia, and her team from Momomoto studios, who added visual and narrative magic to this campaign.”

This campaign beautifully captures Axis Bank’s proposition of being ‘Dil Se Open.’ It goes on to acknowledge that there isn’t a singular India that applies to everyone. Instead, everyone has their own version of India, shaped by their personal experiences and connections. Furthermore, as we begin this fulfilling journey of finding our own India, Axis Bank promises to be there to serve us through its large network of branches, ATMs, and dedicated employees, no matter where we are.

“For the past few years, we have worked in a magical collaboration with Axis Bank that has resulted in work, standing as a testament to the brand’s ‘Dil se open’ philosophy. This Independence Day, we are embracing the vastness of our nation’s cultures and languages, as we venture beyond the familiar.” adds Sandhya Gurung, VP, AutumnGrey & Grey, Bangalore. 

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