Birla Carbon Enhances Sales and Operations Planning Efficiency with Blue Yonder’s Supply Chain Solution

BC_LogoMumbai, India and Marietta, USA – October 26, 2023: Birla Carbon, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality carbon black solutions, announced the successful implementation of Blue Yonder’s best-in-class digital technology for Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). The Blue Yonder solution was deployed at Birla Carbon through 2023, revolutionizing key S&OP processes, including demand and supply planning in a dynamic world. Birla Carbon engaged Ernst & Young, India (EY) as a transformation partner for Blue Yonder solution implementation.

Blue Yonder, a world leader in digital supply chain transformations and omnichannel commerce fulfillment, provides Birla Carbon with a robust platform that integrates demand forecasting seamlessly into operations planning. The tool provides real-time insights, enabling Birla Carbon to make agile decisions to support customer needs.

EY is a global platinum partner of Blue Yonder for implementing its laminate platform-based solutions to digitally transform client supply chains, enabling end-to-end visibility, realizing KPI improvements, and enhancing customer experience.

John Loudermilk, President and Chief Executive Officer, of Birla Carbon says, “The successful implementation of Blue Yonder’s S&OP solution marks a significant milestone for Birla Carbon. It ensures that we have a standard process that is effective everywhere we operate, delivering on customers’ needs and allowing us to make decisions more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, it promotes a best-in-class world standard in terms of operations planning.” He further added, “At Birla Carbon, we strive for operational excellence, which encompasses safety, environmental compliance, and sustainability. The implementation of Blue Yonder’s S&OP solution reinforces our commitment to efficiently operate our plants and align our plans with the needs of our customers.”

Blue Yonder’s S&OP tool has digitally transformed Birla Carbon’s planning process, resulting in optimized operations, maximized capacity, and enhanced customer experience. As a cloud-native, software-as-a-service offering, the tool not only provides agility, better up-time, and availability but also offers a greener footprint. Its deployment across Birla Carbon’s operations in 12 countries and 16 manufacturing plants will have a positive impact on the entire customer base, standardizing processes and ensuring consistent effectiveness while maintaining the highest operational standards across all regions.

“As a leading carbon black manufacturer and exporter to more than 100 countries, Birla Carbon needed the capabilities offered by the Blue Yonder solution to account for the effect of numerous variables on the supply chain in real-time, providing the company with an agile supply chain to predict disruptions and proactively pivot its response. With Blue Yonder, Birla Carbon is positioned to tackle any challenge while continuing to grow and meet customer demand,” said Guru Ananthanarayanan, India Country Head, Blue Yonder.

EY played a critical role in this transformation journey by bringing its consulting capabilities and working with stakeholders across the globe in a hybrid agile way to enable the global S&OP process.