Biryani By Kilo Opens Up #HandiKhushiyonKi with its Latest Digital Campaign to Celebrate Father’s Day

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India’s most loved Biryani & Kebab delivery chain, Biryani By Kilo has recently launched its digital campaign #HandiKhushiyonKi as an ode to the spirit of fatherhood. The campaign is conceptualised and designed by BEI Confluence.

The film rekindles the age-old adage – actions speak louder than words. The film is a collection of wonderful little moments that capture the essence of being a father.

Highlighting how dads often shy away from voicing their love, but express their feelings with sweet little gestures, the campaign brings alive relatable moments that make a father-child relationship memorable.

The emotional video is narrated through the voice of a son, who reminisces about his relationship with his dad, through a beautiful handwritten letter. As we sail through the glimpses of his life, we see a flawless understanding unfold between them; how the father was always there for him, in highs and lows, even if it is reflected only through simple gestures, expressions and body language and not so much through words. The respect and concern they have for each other comes not just from this wonderful relationship, but also from a friendship that forms the foundation of every father-son relationship.

Commenting on the campaign, Vishal Jindal, Founder & Co-CEO Biryani By Kilo said, “As men, we often drift away from our fathers, while growing up. We get busy with our everyday lives and seldom find time to stay in touch. But we always remember their sweet little gestures. This Father’s Day, we decided to bring back those beautiful memories and reignite the love. And what better way to do so than rebounding over a handi of Biryani, the timeless social food, one that has brought people together forever?”

“Biryani By Kilo has always celebrated the warmth and love that binds people together through its past campaigns as Biryani is that one food which is widely loved all across the country. #HandiKhushiyonKi as a concept aims to bring people close over a handi of biryani”, added Rishabh Verma, EVP Sales & Marketing.

Abhishek Gupta, Dy. Managing Director, BEI Confluence said, “The film is a celebration of everything a father does for his child despite all the battles and hardships he has to face. It’s a tribute to that father who always puts the interests of his child ahead of his own. The film narrates the story through a series of small yet pleasant events, weaved into a beautiful collage of memories and shows it in the most realistic way. In fact, it is this very approach that makes this film feel natural and authentic.”