BNI hosts biggest business networking initiative India ever witnessed – BNI Networking Conclave, at Hyderabad!

BNI hosts biggest business networking initiative India ever witnessed –BNI Networking Conclave, at Hyderabad!
A grand reception being extended to Graham Weihmiller (8th from right), CEO, BNI & Mac Srinivasan (12th from left), Global Markets President, BNI; at India’s biggest Business Networking initiative – BNI Networking Conclave, at Om Convention, Hyderabad, today, also seen is Sanjana Shah (11th from right), Executive Director, BNI, Hyderabad.

Hyderabad, February 2023: BNI (Business Network International), Hyderabad, hosted India’s biggest Business Networking initiative – BNI Networking Conclave, at Om Convention, Narsingi, today. BNI is world’s largest referral marketing organization with over 2.9 Lakh entrepreneurs in 77 plus countries, generating $ 20.06 Billion in Business in the last year alone. Graham Weihmiller, CEO, of BNI; addressed over three thousand entrepreneurs, at the Conclave. He later felicitated the members for their contribution to the recent world record of inducting one thousand members in a single day, created by Hyderabad region in November 22. Mac Srinivasan, Global Markets President, BNI; Hemu Suvarna, National Director; Sanjana Shah, Executive Director, BNI, Hyderabad and Srinivas Rao Mahankali, CEO, T-Hub; graced the occasion.

Addressing the gathering Graham Weihmiller said, BNI is all about building relationships, building terrific businesses. What’s happening here in Hyderabad in the form of a Business Networking Conclave during International Networking week is an inspiration for the entire BNI fraternity across 77 countries, which have BNI. BNI Hyderabad accomplished something thought to be impossible, by creating a commendable world record of inducting over a thousand members on a single day, recently in November. That made all of us across the globe in BNI to open our eyes to newer possibilities in our mission to empower more and more entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs being present here today at the largest business networking conclave is the first step of garnering visibility for yourself and your product. You are making your referral partner know who you are and what you do. This has to be followed up by establishing credibility about you and your product by rendering a flawless job as per the expectation of your customer. That’s when you gain profitability, which is possible if you generate repeat referrals and orders.

Speaking on the occasion Sanjana Shah said, overwhelmed with the enthusiasm of BNI Hyderabad region’s members and the recent world record the region created, the CEO of BNI, Graham Weihmiller, made his maiden visit to Hyderabad. He personally acknowledged and appreciated the humongous feat. India’s biggest networking initiative, the BNI Networking Conclave has brought together close to three thousand entrepreneurs under one roof. This networking opportunity will immensely help each one of them to multiply their network and net worth. The recent world record of inducting one thousand members on a single day has made BNI Hyderabad Region the beacon light for regions across the globe and they are all eagerly awaiting to emulate and replicate the success.