Bourgeon Foods Launches Strawfit – The straw that revolutionises drinking milk

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Bourgeon Foods Ltd., founded in 2018, announced Strawfit, their range of milk flavouring straws. Strawfit comes in three different flavors, and makes the milk-drinking experience fun and mess-free.

Shashank & Rajat 1

Indore-based brothers, Shashank and Rajat Jain launched Bourgeon Foods in 2018. After years of R&D and on-ground consumer surveys, the product Strawfit was created as a newer, healthier, and easy-to-use milk flavouring option. “Most of the milk flavouring options available to us in the market right now are in the form of powders, or syrups that have zero nutritional value and harmful sugars. Moreover, these products, though targeted at children, were not easy enough to be prepared by them. This led to the idea behind Strawfit,” states Rajat, co-founder, and head of the R&D department at Bourgeon Foods.

The product itself is a simple straw that has flavouring balls inside it, with added colostrum. “Colostrum is the first milk that a cow produces right after giving birth. It is extremely nutritious but is readily available to humans only for a short period of time. We wanted to change this, and make its availability simpler, easy to transport, and all in all, make drinking milk a fun experience,” adds Shashank, co-founder and the head of sales and marketing.

Strawfit is available both online and in most departmental stores at highly affordable prices. The product has also received recognition and market offers from the government of Maldives and is looking to further expand to UAE, Canada, and UK.

Available in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavours, Strawfit is made out of all-natural ingredients. The straw is also fully recyclable and BPA-free.