China Press Partners With iZooto To Devise A Long Term Engagement Strategy And To Monetize Its Audience

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Delhi, India, 31st January 2022 – China Press, Malaysia’s second-largest Chinese newspaper, has signed a three-year contract with iZooto, an owned audience marketing platform to execute an audience-first strategy on its website. iZooto helps publishers such as China Press to engage, retain and monetize their audience using push notifications.

Audience development continues to be a priority for the 75-year-old media group and they strive to be on top of their audience engagement game, with iZooto. As the 4th quarter ends, China Press starts off with this new journey with iZooto, to kick start the new year to achieve its goal by putting the publisher flywheel in motion.

It is not the first time that China Press has made use of web push notifications, so they are already aware of the potential. But monetizing the audience along with engaging the audience is something that they look forward to doing. With iZooto’s numerous engagement Playbooks and monetization capability, China Press swiftly made the switch from another push notification solution.

Adding to that, China Press said, “Our main source of revenue has been ads, like most of the publishers. But we need to keep up with the trends by monetizing the audience better to increase the revenue. We look forward to starting with earning incremental revenue with iZooto’s push notification ads. We are excited to see how this will pan out for us.”

“We enable newsrooms to build a deeper understanding of their audience so that they can engage in the best possible way while they monetize their audience. China Press was specific with their needs – to engage their audience and to earn incremental revenue. And we do both unlike any other. We are keen and excited to help China Press achieve their goals” added Neel Kothari, CEO at iZooto.

“To hit our engagement goals and continue to nurture our audience base, it was necessary to choose a push notification tool out there. We have seen how iZooto has performed for some of our counterparts and are excited to take China Press to greater heights in terms of nurturing, building a loyal audience base and monetizing our audience,” said China Press.

China Press is keen to try out other features and Playbooks that iZooto has to offer and kick start the next year with a bang. “We have already started building an audience with iZooto and have started exploring their App push offering as well. We look forward to this partnership and see this as a long-term relationship with iZooto,” said China Press.