Contemporary Art Exhibition ‘mint: the Freshness Expressed’ to Be Hosted in New Delhi From 3rd – 6th Nov’22

Contemporary art exhibiton Mint The Freshness Expressed

New Delhi, 3rd Nov’22:Art lovers in Delhi would soon witness a unique-contemporary art exhibition ‘Mint: The Freshness’ at the Bikaner House in New Delhi from 3rd – 6th Nov’22.

The 4-day contemporary art exhibition curated by Ms. Simran Kaur and her team of 9art enthusiasts displays a wide collection of contemporary and traditional artworks from across the country. The exhibition will bring together a unique selection of boutique artworks in figurative and abstract forms influenced by the style of cubism inspired by centuries-old avant-garde movement with the flare of fantasy art and mythology.

To add the pop & abstract each artist will bring in the freshness of their work highlighting the different styles of art pop, charcoal, abstract & fantasy artworks. The exhibition is an ode to the upcoming artists from all walks of life and their unique talent of creating boutique artworks that are relevant and compelling.

Mint: The Freshness Expressedopens on November 3, 2022and will be on view until November 6, 22 (from 11 am to 7 pm)at GF Art Gallery, Main Building, Bikaner House, Delhi 110011.