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Corporate New Year Gifting List

Dec 30, 2022

Gifts for coworkers are the physical gestures through which you deliver appreciation, admiration, and heartfelt gratitude for the teamwork and friendships your colleagues provide and it helps to create a happier workplace. What could be better than gifting them something that eases and healthify their health so dive into this list of colleague present ideas below to have fun while shopping for coworker gifts this new year in some amazing variations:

Nutrabay Foods Original Peanut Butter:

Nutrabay Foods Original Peanut Butter is a present can delight everyone. It helps the body grow due to its high protein and healthy fat content. It has a delicious flavor and can be used as a quick snack, as a part of a healthy diet. It does not have any artificial flavors and tastes like real roasted peanuts. The product is available to satisfy the taste buds in three amazing flavors which are Chocolate, All-Natural & Food Original Peanut Butter which can turn out to be a fantastic Christmas present.

You can purchase the product online directly from the Nutrabay.

Pillows by Centuary Mattress: 

As our coworkers work really hard, we can help them with comfort during their work and also while they relax. Centuary has a range of comfort accessories under the brand name Sleepables. The neck pillow and wedge pillow to support their neck with ideal lumbar support while travelling. And the wedge pillow actually enhances your back support while you are using your laptop or just resting our back. Centuary’s accessories not only provide comfort during your work but even when you relax or sleep. For the people who sleep sideways, Centuary’s body pillow will help you sleep in comfort and will provide full-body support. These accessories will be the ideal gift which ensures great support to your back and neck which don’t get stressed due to long hours of work or travel. So this festive, gift them Centuary’s accessories to enhance their comfort.

It can be purchased from Centuary.

Katharos Vegan Cheese Spreads: 

Vegan cheese has been a polarizing product for as long as it’s been widely available.   Made from creamy cashews, our silky dairy-free Soft Cheese Spread is incredibly versatile; use it as a spread on a toast or falafel or simply serve it as a dip at parties. The possibilities are endless!

You can buy the cheese by clicking on this link: katharosfoods

 Turke’s Buds S2 lite:

Buds S2 lite features a premium case design with a captivating matte finish sliding design with 1-Step Instant Paring. It is decked with the powerful Quad-Mic Noise Cancellation providing a High-Quality Calling Experience. Truck BUDS S2 LITE is proudly made in India with German quality standards. It is a perfect present for your coworker so as to enjoy easy access to answer calls, change music tracks, and smart voice assistant using easy touch controls.

The product is available on the Truke