• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Cricuru launches with an advanced AI based technology

Jan 18, 2023

Mumbai, January 18, 2023: Cricuru is a new cricket ed-tech platform with a goal to provide a comprehensive marketplace for virtual cricket training and ensure every cricket enthusiast’s dream of learning cricket from the best comes true. Cricuru launches a more advanced AI integration that allows every user to learn and improve their skills and performance. This AI tool shall be the first of its kind in Cricket education in India which will not only help learn but also enhance their skills.

Cricuru identified the need for the integration of cricket training into education with a vision of providing cricket enthusiasts an augmented cricket learning experience. We want to make learning and improving more accessible than ever and find talent that can represent India on a National and International level. Technology integration will help us bring our vision to everyone looking to learn cricket from the best.

Legendary cricketer and co-founder of Cricuru, Sanjay Bangar says, “Cricuru wishes to revolutionise cricket coaching and strive to make it accessible to every nook and corner of the country through the wisdom gained by legendary cricketers and experts. We hope to fulfill the dreams of every aspiring cricketer who has the potential to reach the top but unfortunately can’t due to a lack of proper guidance and training.

In times to come Our vision is also to build a cricket community of not only professional cricketers but also people who play the game just as a hobby.”

Speaking on the re-launch, Akshara Lalwani, CEO of, Cricuru says, “Cricuru identified the major challenges in the cricket coaching space like lack of coaching centers, experienced coaches or trainers. Owing to this, the country loses out on many potential cricketers both men and women. Cricuru aims to address these concerns and make cricket coaching accessible to all at extremely reasonable pricing. With the new technologies in place, the app will ensure that registered students receive the best-in-class training from world-renowned cricketers. With the relaunch of the app, Cricuru aims to revolutionize the otherwise traditional cricket coaching in India.”

One of the major hurdles that Cricuru aims to address is the vast geographical stretch of India. There are various Tier 1,2 and 3 cities wherein tiers 2 and 3 do not have easy access to sports training, let alone coaching centers for female sportspeople. Cricuru, being an app-based platform helps overcome geographical boundaries and makes cricket coaching easily accessible to all irrespective of age, location, and gender.

Cricuru is the first application that brings top international players who have years of international experience, to train the users. Users will get first-hand knowledge of the sport, techniques, tips, and tricks from people who have actually experienced high-intensity games.

The new upgrade introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) which analyzes the user’s positioning, moves, and body structure and sends out feedback which helps in improvement. Cricuru helps one keep physically active and it helps them practice indoors or during bad weather. Simulation-based training helps students improve their game and perform well in real-life games. Cricuru will also help girls have equal access to the sport and people from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will have access to training which will help them discover new cricketing gems.