Crompton introduces its latest aesthetic range of energy efficient fans – Energion Groove

Crompton introduces its latest aesthetic range of energy efficient fans – Energion Groove

Pune(S.N): Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. has unveiled its latest energy-efficient ceiling fan range – EnergionGroove. Being one of the most experienced brands in energy efficiency and having won the National Energy Conservation Award 6 times in a row, Crompton inherits a legacy of over 80 years with complete durability and quality assurance. Its all-new 5-star-rated fan is powered by an ActivBLDC motor – promising 220CMM air delivery while saving more than ₹7000 annually in electricity bills (for 4 fans) as compared to a standard induction fan. With a range of elegant designs that include remote control and anti-dust technology, Crompton’s Energion Groove ensures no compromise on your fan speed and airflow with full speed savings ultimately allowing you to enjoy your time with your loved ones in the comfort of your home.

Consumers today are looking for sustainable and conscious choices that help make significant changes in their households as well as for the environment. However, as a consequence, the performances of their eco-friendly appliances tend to take a backseat. This comes true especially when consumers opt for energy-efficient ceiling fans as they lack air delivery and comfort. Taking cognizance of this, Crompton has taken its energy-efficient innovations to a new level with the ultimate game-changer of its brand-new ActivBLDC range of fans – Energion Groove that will not only reduce power consumption but will also lead to maximizing full speed savings without compromising on air comfort, breeze, and delivery.

Bringing a variety of energy-efficient solutions at home, given below are key features that make Crompton Energion Groove the best energy-efficient fan:

  • Powered by Activ-BLDC motor technology – the reason for its high full-speed savings

o   Energion Groove consumes only 28W of power

o   Helps you save more than Rs.7000 annually in electricity bills (for 4 fans) as compared to standard induction fan

  • Air Speed – Powerful performance that offers a speed of 350 RPM and air delivery of 220 CMM (no compromise on air comfort)
  • RF Remote Controlthat provides ease of operation

o   Most of the remote-controlled fans in the market operate with IR technology which you must point toward the fan. However, if there’s any obstruction in between, it won’t workCrompton’s Energion Groove uses RF technology for added convenience as it allows you to operate the fan without having to point at it creating an ease of operation

o   With a sleep timer, speed control, multi-pairing, and intelligent memory, these features further enhance the convenience reiterating the fan’s easy-to-use application

  • Smart regulator model(only): This fan is intelligent with Machine Learning Capabilities. It works with any make of 1200mmsweep, capacitor-type step regulator used in homes despite the variations between the models available in the market
  • Range of Designs: Modern minimal design with sleek and trendy blades that complements the modern interior décor
  • Anti-Dust (in select models) – reduce dust accumulation on fan blades by 50%.
  • 5-year warranty: ActivBLDC motor which is much more reliable

Commenting on Crompton’s constant efforts of innovating energy-efficient home solutions, Mr. SachinPhartiyal, Vice President, Appliance Business – Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “Crompton consistently aims at ensuring comfort and convenience in the heart of every home. Coming with a legacy and experience of trust, durability, and quality, we innovate our products keeping the evolving needs of our consumers in mind. Spending more time indoors hence becomes vital to have energy-efficient solutions at home. As a company that is conscious of protecting the environment, we strive to integrate sustainability and energy – efficiency at the core of our products and will continue to do so as a key focus in our future innovations. With the launch of Energion Groove, we hope to provide superior performance appliances that are smart and energy-efficient, to help the consumer not to compromise on their lifestyle while making responsible choices for the planet.”

The price ranges from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 6750.

Combining style and savings, Crompton’s innovative Energion Groove is also designed to complement your interiors with aesthetic models and contemporary finishes to give a modern appeal. Some of the most stylish designs include:

Model Colors
Energion Groove – Regulator Brown; White; Ivory
Energion Groove – Regulator (Anti-Dust) Satin Sand; Coffee Brown; Onyx
Energion Groove – Remote Brown; White; Ivory
Energion Groove – Remote (Anti-Dust) Satin Sand; Coffee Brown; Onyx