D2C Insider Women Summit: Charting the Future for India’s Direct-to-Consumer Brands

D2C Women Summit TNew Delhi, August 22nd, 2023: The inaugural D2C Insider Women Summit, held at Pullman Aerocity, New Delhi, marks a watershed moment for India’s burgeoning Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sector.

Gathering a crowd of over 350 women D2C founders from all over India, the summit saw the presence of industry luminaries as panelists talking about topical topics like Naiyya Saggi of Good Glam Group, Ainara of Belora, and Soumya Kant of Clovia. Throughout the event, participants benefited from 8 workshops, got to explore 13 product stalls, and witnessed an engaging Pitchathon and fireside chat with Priyanka Chaudhary Raina and Shereen Bhan over dinner and drinks.

Behind the event, D2C Insider stands as a major community connector for over 5,000 D2C brand founders, investors, and industry professionals. With the support of industry leaders like Arjun Vaidya of V3 Ventures, Aman Gupta of BOAT, and Ghazal Alagh of MamaEarth, D2C Insider continues to facilitate important discussions and developments within the D2C sector.

Commenting on the inaugural women’s Summit, Abhishek Shah, Founding Team, D2C Insider, remarked, “This summit is more than an event; it’s a reflection of the robust D2C ecosystem taking shape in India. By fostering connections, knowledge exchange, and innovation, we’re nurturing an environment where D2C brands can thrive and redefine consumer experiences. Women’s community has one of the largest pieces from the community pie and we can only see the share growing”

Shruti Agarwal, Founding Team, D2C Insider, emphasized, “At the heart of every entrepreneurial triumph lies the power of collaboration and peer learning. Our summit was a crucible of such synergetic interactions, empowering founders to chart novel pathways.”

Kshitij Ladia, Founding Team of D2C Insider, said, “The D2C Insider Women Summit was a testament to the surging potency of D2C brands in India. We’ve not just met, but exceeded anticipations, sculpting a vibrant arena for entrepreneurs to cultivate powerful alliances and harvest game-changing insights.’

The pitchathon shortlisted 6 startups out of 40 applicants, with ‘Uptownie’ and ‘Barneys’ emerging as the top performers. These winners were awarded prize money of Rs 10 lakhs each from collaborators such as AWS and Contlo. The jury was composed of esteemed professionals: Archana Jahagirdar, Managing Partner at Rukam Capital; Trisha Rajani Vaidya, Founder of Dr Vaidya’s and Pooja Shirali from DSG Consumer Partners.

After a heart-warming keynote by Shruti Agarwal- the Founding Team of D2C Insider, Several panel discussions took place during the summit. Insights on “From Startup to Acquisition” were provided by Malika Datt Sadani of The Moms Co., Trisha Vaidya -ex Dr Vaidya’s, Naiyya Saggi from The Good Glam group, and Radhika Ghai of kindlife.in. “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” showcased women founders in the D2C sector talking about their ways of navigating through the process which is male-dominated and forming an inclusive environment. A detailed session on “Celebrity/Influencer Led Marketing” had speakers like Pallavi Utagi of SuperBottoms, Priyanka Gill of The Good Glamm Group, Shreedha Singh from The Ayurveda Co to name a few.

These discussions, moderated by Deep Bajaj of Sirona and Ayushi Gudwani of FS Life, highlighted the summit’s focus on innovation and collaboration in the D2C field.

The D2C Insider Women Summit has made a notable impact on the D2C sector, promoting collaboration, innovation, and empowerment. As the entrepreneurial scene advances, D2C Insider is dedicated to building platforms that support growth and inspire future leaders in the D2C space.