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Day 4: PVLF’s Virtual festival

Jan 13, 2023

Jan 2023: PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival 2023 conducted various sessions virtually on 12th January 2023, following ‘Taking Humanity Forward’ as its theme. The event was led by dignified speakers who shared their viewpoints on notable topics. This event rejoicesthe literary ecosystem whose aim is to instil love of writing, inner thinking of authors and discussing focal topics from around the world. The event is conceived by Frontlist, hosted by PragatiE and Nielsen BookScan data as its knowledge partner. The event is supported by IPA (International Publishers Association) and FIP (Federation of Indian Publishers).

The sessions provided wonderful insights to the literature buffs. The panellists imparted their thoughts upon various themes that included women empowerment, copyright, lifestyle and wellness, mental health and wellness, children and storytelling. Feminism beyond MeToo, author’s guide to copyright, crime pays, a creative palate, retelling of ancient Indian Epics, and lastly normalising mental wellness beyond depression and suicide prevention were discussed in detail.

On the DAY 4 at the PVLF 2023, Speakers opined,

Author Salil Desai shared his inspiration behind embarking on his writing journey of his ‘Murder Milestone’ during his PVLF 2023 session. He discussed the various elements that lay the foundation for any murder mystery.

During her session at the PVLF 2023, author Maria Goretti talked about the writing journey of her book “From My Kitchen to Yours- Food, Love and other Ingredients’. She delineated the different recipes in her book and shed light on her journey as a celebrity chef. She also shared how the lockdown gave her more time to follow her passion for cooking.

Author Vani Kaushal, during her session at the PVLF 2023, shared her inspiration behind composing the book ‘Seconds Later.’ She articulated her comprehension of the statement “Feminism Beyond Me Too.” In addition, she offered her outlook on how social media has contributed to feminism.

During his session at the PVLF 2023, Author Dr. Samir Parikh discussed the methods that can be integrated to alleviate the stigma associated with mental health issues. According to him, more than 75% of the people suffering from mental health problems do not seek help due to the fear of being judged, mocked, or discriminated against.

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PVLF tries to bestow and serve a platform to the writers for self-promotion. PVLC motivates and triggers these new writers to magnify their public reach and popularise Indian Literature across the world.