Delhi, June 2023: DC Doctor’s Choice, India’s leading bodybuilding supplement brand, synonymous with the best whey protein in India, launched the country’s first ever 3 Whey Fusion Protein at the esteemed International Health, Sports and Fitness Festival (IHFF). The product was launched by the famous and well known Indian pro bodybuilder and fitness icon Nitin Chandila and also the winner of Mr India 2022 and Mr. Asia (Silver) 2022. They chose IHFF to launch their revolutionary new product so they could present to the audience the formulation’s exceptional USPs and benefits.

The product, which combines three different types of proteins, ensures that consumers get just the right sources of fast, medium, and slow-digesting proteins. A perfect anytime meal replacement, it helps in steady-state amino acid absorption over a longer time period than single-source proteins and has adequate essential amino acids to provide maximum protein synthesis for rapid development and recovery, which ultimately affects overall gains. The 3 Whey Fusion is based on ET or Enzyme Technology to break down protein chains into smaller molecules that are easier to absorb which reduces protein losses through excretion. The three types of protein used in the product are Hydrolysate, Isolate, and Concentrate, each with its own distinct characteristics that make it unique.

Doctor's Choice

The brand demonstrated the 3 Whey Fusion Whey Protein’s ability to accelerate performance, promote muscular growth, aid in appetite control, and facilitate efficient muscle recovery to the diverse crowd of fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and industry professionals at the IHFF captivating theme with the product’s superior quality and impressive results. The 3 Whey Fusion Whey Protein is a culmination of the relentless commitment to developing ingenious health and nutritional supplements by DC Doctor’s Choice. Crafted with meticulous precision and breakthrough technology, this revolutionary protein blend has garnered immense attention and praise from health enthusiasts. For the first ever time in India, three distinct types of protein have been expertly combined to create a comprehensive and balanced protein source.

In addition to its exceptional performance benefits, 3 Whey Fusion Whey Protein entices consumers with its delectable flavour profiles. With four irresistible options to choose from – Choco Brownie Fudge, Strawberry Banana Milkshake, Alphonso Mango, and the highly acclaimed best-selling flavor, Malai Kulfi Falooda – DC Doctor’s Choice ensures that customers can indulge their taste buds while achieving their fitness goals. Another essential aspect that sets 3 Whey Fusion apart is its rigorous testing and approval process. Each of the flavours has been meticulously tested and approved by top laboratories in India, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and purity.

Sharing his views on the occasion, Ankit Jha, the Founder, and CMO of DC Doctor’s Choice, said, “We are thrilled to have launched our revolutionary 3 Whey Fusion Whey Protein at the prestigious IHFF event. Through its extensive expertise and passion, our dedicated team has developed a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of health-conscious individuals. With its unique blend of proteins, superior absorption rate, and delicious flavors, 3 Whey Fusion is all set to usher in a new era in protein supplementation.”

Commenting on the launch, Nupur Vats, the Co-founder and COO of DC Doctor’s Choice, said, “The response to our product launch has been nothing short of phenomenal, as we witnessed immense excitement and positive reception from fitness enthusiasts. The unique combination of three types of proteins ensures optimal results and our commitment to delivering the most delicious flavors has resonated with consumers. We are proud to have created such a product that combines effectiveness and palatability, giving our customers an extraordinary fitness supplement and helping them reach new heights in their fitness endeavors.”

By Sujata