• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Don Mammoser Photography Tours Announces a Guided Wildlife Photo Tour Experience to Mainland Ecuador

Jan 9, 2023

Parker, CO, January 09, 2023 — Don Mammoser Photography tours have just added a new tour offering. This tour offers participants the chance to learn wildlife photography in the beautiful tropical oasis of Ecuador. Come to Ecuador during the best time of year, when wildlife species at are their annual highs. Participants will be guided by a professional wildlife photographer. Learn simple, and effective bird and wildlife photography techniques. Witness and capture with a camera, the wonderful beauty of floating hummingbirds, rainbow-colored tropical birds, and endless diversity while having a ton of fun traveling and photographing with a like-minded group. Group size is kept small so every person on the tour will have as much personal attention as they wish. The tour begins in Quito, Ecuador during the first week of November 2023. Participants with an interest in wildlife, travel, or even landscape photography will certainly enjoy this trip. Any photographer is welcome, from very beginner to expert and all will gain something by traveling with an enthusiastic, professional leader who knows exactly where to be for the best photography in the area.