Ecosac urges citizens to walk on the Eco-path

Ecopath 1

Ecosac, a leading brand manufacturing eco-friendly shopping bags calls upon citizens to adopt a sustainable way of life, by opting for planet friendly alternatives to single use plastic products. The brand has recently launched premium quality sustainable consumer products like coir dishwashing scrub pads, paper stem cotton buds, wooden toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, wooden combs, bamboo straws, wooden shaving brushes under the brand ‘Ecopath’. With this range, the brand intends to lead India into a sustainable way of life.

While shopping bags from Ecosac (their flagship product) are a perfect alternative to single use plastic and paper bags, Ecosac also offers a wide range of products comprising of duffle bags, backpacks, lingerie bags, wardrobe organisers, shoe bags which are washable, foldable, highly durable and reusable.

With presence in 10,000 retail outlets across the country, the brand is now spreading its wings through premium quality products made available in modern trade, regional modern trade, general trade, e-commerce, exports and institutional sales. Currently, these products are available in supermarkets across India as well as GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.