Elevate Your Weekend Game: 5 Platforms to Unlock Delhi-NCR’s Best-Kept Secrets

Delhi-NCR is renowned for its abundance of exciting places, legendary restaurants with delectable dishes and a wide range of amazing ongoing events. With so many options to choose from, planning your next weekend getaway can be quite a challenge.

To assist you in making a wise and enjoyable choice for your next weekend’s party scenes, we have compiled a list of the  5 platforms that provide comprehensive information on great restaurants, popular food items, engaging activities, and exciting events taking place in Delhi-NCR. These platforms are your go-to sources for planning the best weekend experiences with friends and relatives or the perfect date night!


Whatshot is an incredible platform that serves as a treasure trove of information for exploring the vibrant and ever-evolving Delhi-NCR region. With a focus on highlighting the hottest and trending spots, events, and experiences, Whatshot helps you stay up to date with the latest happenings in town.

Whether you’re looking for the trendiest restaurants, buzzing nightlife destinations, exciting events, or offbeat activities, Whatshot has got you covered. Their comprehensive listings provide detailed insights into the best places to dine and must-try dishes waiting to be discovered.


SoCity is an innovative platform designed to enhance your urban experience in Delhi-NCR. It offers a unique blend of information, convenience, and social connectivity, making it an essential tool for residents and visitors alike.

At its core, SoCity serves as a comprehensive guide, providing insights into various aspects of city life. From restaurants and cafes to shopping destinations and recreational activities, SoCity offers detailed listings and recommendations to help you make informed decisions about where to go and what to do.

SoCity has dedicated profiles for every major city such as SoDelhi, SoMumbai, SoJaipur, etc. It goes beyond being a mere directory or event listing platform but also acts as a platform for sharing user-generated content, including reviews, photos, and tips.

Go Out by Zomato

Go Out serves as a one-stop destination for all things related to exploring the city’s vibrant lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking exquisite restaurants, unique experiences, thrilling challenges, tantalizing street food, or luxurious staycations, this holistic guide has you covered.

Through Go Out, users can unlock a wealth of information about their city’s hidden gems and well-known hotspots. The curated recommendations provided by the Instagram page will help individuals discover new and exciting places, ensuring that they never miss out on the best that their city has to offer.

Go Out is currently focusing on Delhi NCR must-try places and will start exploring other cities for its audience soon.


BookMyShow is a leading online platform that revolutionizes the way people discover entertainment events in Delhi-NCR and all over India. From movies, standups, and concerts to plays and sporting events, BookMyShow offers a seamless and convenient experience for booking tickets and experiencing a wide range of entertainment options.

With BookMyShow, users can easily browse through an extensive selection of events happening in their city or nearby areas. The platform provides detailed information on show timings, venues, ticket prices, and seating availability, making it effortless to plan an exciting outing.

Magicpin Blog

Magicpin Blog is a dynamic platform that offers a wealth of engaging and informative content related to lifestyle, events, food, fashion, and more. It serves as a go-to destination for individuals seeking inspiration, tips, and recommendations to enhance their daily lives.

The Magicpin Blog features a diverse range of articles, covering a wide array of topics. Whether you’re looking for the latest travel trends, food options, health and wellness tips, or adventures, the blog provides insightful and well-researched articles to cater to every interest.

One of the standout features of the Magicpin Blog is its emphasis on local experiences and recommendations. The platform showcases the best restaurants, cafes, shopping destinations, and entertainment spots in various cities, enabling readers to discover unexplored outlets and must-visit places in Delhi-NCR.

Planning a weekend getaway with friends or family can sometimes feel like a task. However, with a little guidance and research, you can uncover numerous unknown places and discover activities you never even knew existed in your vicinity. Fortunately, the above platforms can assist you in planning your weekends and would ensure they are truly memorable.