Eli Bitton Launches Its Signature ‘Brilliant Pop Collection’, Promises to Revolutionize Women’s Apparel

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Eli Bitton Launches Its Signature ‘Brilliant Pop Collection’, Promises to Revolutionize Women’s Apparel

India, April 12, 2023: Eli Bitton, an Israel-origin fashion label, launched its most recent signature collection titled ‘The Brilliant Pop Collection’ which amalgamates the use of Swarovski crystals and crystal chains to utmost perfection. The breathtaking new collection serves as a marvelous illustration of masterful craftmanship through designs emitting luxury, elegance, and an element of mysticism.

The Brilliant Pop Collection exhibits several distinct and unique pieces – One Shoulder Crystals embroidered fringe Mini Dress, One-Shoulder top embroidered Chiffon Evening Gown, Cut-Out shoulders beaded chiffon Gown, Strapless Asymmetrical Evening Gown, Strapless asymmetrical Evening Gown, and the Winning Evening Gown.

The signature collection uses silver as its predominant hue along with brush strokes of light blue, pink, and yellow. Meant to embrace the ‘star inside you’, the outfits feature numerous symmetrical cuts throughout the collection, and perfect for weddings, galas, dance parties, black-tie affairs and other high-end parties.

Yehuda Bitton, COO & Fashion Designer at Eli Bitton, said, “At Eli Bitton, we are wholeheartedly committed to designing the finest pieces that are globally recognized for their top-notch built and tailored quality. Through our Brilliant Pop Collection, we promise to revolutionize women’s apparel through outfits that accentuate the wearer’s best features while radiating luxury, elegance, and comfort simultaneously.”

Lauded to be a pioneer in women’s luxury apparel, Eli Bitton officially launched its first flagship store in New Delhi, India in December 2022. The fashion label puts great emphasis on exploring themes of femininity, modernity, spirituality, and nature, with designs ranging from solids and elegant colors of pastel and dark shades.