Ensavior Technologies8th Aug 2023, New Delhi: Pioneering sustainable solutions provider, Ensavior Technologies Pvt. Ltd, took center stage as they were invited to lead a workshop at the ASHRAE Rajasthan chapter on July 29th. The workshop, which unfolded at the elegant Hyatt Regency Mansarovar in Jaipur, delved into thermal storage applications aimed at decarbonizing buildings. This event was yet another manifestation of Ensavior’s steadfast commitment to championing sustainable energy solutions.

Distinguished trailblazers within the green solutions sphere graced the workshop with their presence. Noteworthy figures such as Mr. Rishabh Kasliwal, the Managing Director at Kamal Cogent Energy; Mr. Sudhir Mathur, Founder of Shreshta Consultants; Professor Archana Singh, Head of ACE (Aayojan School of Architecture), Jaipur; and Mr. Dalip Singh, Senior Technical Analyst at AHRI, were among the esteemed attendees.

The engaging workshop, conducted by Mr. Praveen Kumar, a Design and Engineering expert and, Ms. Ambily Menon, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Ensavior, delved into the manifold merits of green energy solutions and the transformative potential of thermal storage applications in reducing carbon footprints in buildings.

Boasting a global network of over 50,000 members spanning 130+ nations, ASHRAE stands as a dynamic organization dedicated to advancing the fields of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration in service of humanity and a sustainable world. The honor of conducting a Technical workshop on Thermal Storage Applications for Building Decarbonization at this esteemed platform was not lost on Ensavior.

Reflecting on the experience, an Ensavior representative stated, “This workshop was an indelible moment for us. The discourse on thermal storage applications for building decarbonization struck a resounding chord, culminating in a resounding success. The privilege of addressing such distinguished guests who share our ardor for sustainable energy solutions was genuinely humbling.”

By Sujata