• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Expectation of EV Sector from Budget 2023

Jan 18, 2023

Expectation of EV Sector from Budget 2023By – Sravan Appana, CEO at iGowise Mobility – Mobility & Transportation Company

“The union government has been consistently proactive in creating policies for rapid adoption & indigenization of sustainable mobility alternatives for urban air-quality and climate resistance. These new-age sustainable vehicles come with smart connected features that provide us the opportunity to combat a couple of more crucial sticky problems. Road accidents & Traffic decongestion!

Following the national road safety awareness week in January, it is time for sweeping reforms for safer mobility especially for two-wheeler users who are 30 times more prone to road-related fatality. 2W are not just a medium of transport, but also a medium of livelihood for 90% of the Indian households. Vehicle telematics, 5G communication, crowd-sourcing data, AI powered analytics, etc. provide opportunities to encourage better ride behavior and to identify infrastructure fault lines.

Advanced drive assistance systems provide help in predicting & preempting accidents. Promoting state-of-the-art automobile engineering technologies can help in safer & more stable bikes & scooters. Size & occupancy based congestion road tax models encourage lighter, slimmer & low footprint vehicles for urban commute. Self-driving auto-summon technologies help enable shared mobility for optimal vehicle utilization & traffic decongestion.

India can quickly transform itself from having the most deaths on roads to one of the safest by implementing few simple low-hanging yet path-breaking reforms.”