• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Experience A Journey Of Flavors With One8 Commune’s New Menu

Jan 2, 2023


New Delhi, January ‘23: New year, new memories, and new adventures. Every day is a new chapter waiting to unfold – places, people, food, and everything in the middle forming a page in our lives. Bringing the lot together this new year, one8 Commune launches a brand new menu with sweet, spice, and everything nice. This curated menu by Chef Pawan Bisht is set to take people on a sensory journey letting them explore new horizons of the gastronomical world!

The new assortments are for people who are experimental yet want the comfort of the roots is something one can look forward to in this evolved a-la-carte menu. One of the main highlights is the accessibility of vegetarian choices which focuses on health without compromising on the flavors. Chef Pawan Bisht’s curations see the use of millet, grains, and superfoods, while also introducing options for vegan lovers. The modern touch to the regional cuisines has also been introduced in dishes like Cauliflower 65 Gravy, Signature Black Chicken, and Truffle Flavoured Broken Wheat Haleem amongst others.

Expanding on our bestsellers, fans can satiate on Virat Kohli’s new favorite Tartar Topped on Avocado. New additions see salads like Baby Bocincinni, Arugula & California Grapes and Oriental Meal Bowls offer a variety of Silken Tofu, Mushroom, Chicken Katsu, and Salmon for a healthy yet hearty meal.

Other offerings like Burrata Board, Jamaican Jerk Cauliflower, and Spanish Paprika Marinate Chicken amongst other delectable delicacies are part of the small plates, whereas, for a larger meal, one can opt for Pan Seared Fish Steak, Middle Eastern Pilaf Rice, or Coastal Chicken Curry and much more.

Speaking on the launch of the new menu, Chef Pawan Bisht says, “A considerable consumer focus has been observed towards vegan and vegetarian food options, which gave us the prospect to begin the new year with a new menu”. He furthermore added, “We also wanted to impel on the use of local and organic produce which can be seen throughout our menu.”

To diversify the offerings, the new menu also highlights a range of Bao, Dim Sums, Sushi, Flatbreads, and Desserts. This exuberant a-la-carte menu is everything that speaks of fresh, flavorsome, and soulfulness.