• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Explore the Unexplored gems of Andaman

Jan 21, 2023

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re hoping to experience the genuine Andamans in a quiet setting. The Andaman Islands, with their calm beaches, mangrove forests, a vast, azure ocean, are unquestionably among the top vacation spots for beachgoers. To explore these amazing places without worrying about money, we have good news. The new player in the market – SanKash, which is a synonym to “Money for Travel”, is here to sort your Travel finances! With SanKash by your side, you will be able to travel to all your dream destinations. Just convert your cost into easy EMIs at no additional cost for up to 6 months.

● Baratang
The island is concealed by dense mangrove trees and is home to fascinating limestone caves and mud volcanoes. The island is the ideal unusual destination for a day trip from Port Blair.

● Limestone Caves
Actually developed underwater, limestone caverns eventually rise to the surface on islands like Baratnag as the water evaporates over millions of years. Discover the naturally occurring yellow and white caves that contain millions of years of history and become mesmerized by their forms and textures.

● Munda Pahad
South of Andaman is a secret location called Munda Pahad. From Chidiya Tapu, you can embark on a hike to this hill, where you can ascend it in about an hour for stunning 360-degree views of the ocean below.

● Rangat
One of the most eccentric islands in the Andamans that you shouldn’t skip touring is Rangat island. This island is among the most stunning places to visit in the Andamans due to its sand beaches, surrounding vegetation, and abundant biodiversity.

● Mangrove Creeks
Baratang Island is the location of this undiscovered gem in the Andaman. Take a boat ride across the saline waters of Baratang to see the lush, green mangrove forests of the Andamans.

Credit: Abhilasha Negi, Co-founder – SanKash