Farzi Café Hyderabad: 18th August 2023: Farzi Café in Hyderabad is introducing an exciting and innovative new menu that combines traditional Indian flavours with modern twists and creative presentations. The concept of Farzi, which includes the fusion of Indian cuisines, culinary techniques like molecular gastronomy, and an elegant dining atmosphere, promises a unique and delightful dining experience for its customers. The addition of sizzlers to the menu further adds to the diversity and excitement of the dining experience. By blending global, South Indian, and classic Indian influences, Farzi aims to create a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that showcase the richness of Indian cuisine while incorporating contemporary elements.

The focus on incorporating modern presentations and cooking methods like molecular gastronomy suggests that Farzi Café is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking and offering a visually stunning and flavourful experience for its patrons.
Overall, Farzi Café’s new menu seems to be an intriguing mix of tradition and innovation, providing guests with an opportunity to indulge in a fusion of flavors while enjoying a sophisticated dining setting.
Your taste senses will be treated to the ultimate gastronomic illusion thanks to the new menu, which includes ‘Small Plates (Veg) – Oops I dropped my Chaat, enjoy the mess, Smoked Masala Peanuts, Tandoori soya chaap, mix nut fudge, Pao bhaji ratatouille, Polenta crusted Basil & coriander chilly quenelles, Paneer Pepper 65, tomato rasam reduction. (Non-Veg) Kolhapuri thecha prawns pepper & peanuts, Andhra Chilli chicken, Podi Dust, Kerala Chicken Quesadillas, Ghee roast Cream, Bhuna chicken lolly pop, Coconut Kurma, Farzi Fried Chicken popcorn, barbeque cream, Chicken Chettinad kulcha, Mint jalapeño Raita, Dakhni Paneer Tikka, Tadka Dahi, kasundi fish tikka, anardana cream

Sizzlers Join the Farzification Trend in the New Menu – Desi Fish fingers, coconut rice, Mix vegetable ratatouille korma, Roasted ghee pulao, Paneer 65, wok tossed noodles, Murgh Mussalam, Kashmiri pilaf

The main course includes (Veg) Ratatouille steak, Garam masala Korma, Lachha Paratha Mix vegetable porial, pulusu curry, pan seared Rawas, coconut sambal, Malaya curry (Non-Veg) Mutton Irachi Pepper Fry, malabari paratha, Hand pulled butter chicken, butter naan, Kerala mutton roast, flaky malabari paratha, Salli Murgh, Mirchi Laccha paratha, Prawns allepy curry, steam rice

Farzi is recognized for sweetening up meals with superior desserts like Rabri Toast, Gold leaf, Peanut chikki, and many more….

Speaking on the launch of the New Menu Mr. Aman Chainani, Managing Partner at Farzi Café Hyderabad, commented on the debut of the new menu, stating that they were “extremely thrilled to introduce our latest menu to the dynamic city of Hyderabad.” “At Farzi Café, we’ve always worked to revolutionize eating by giving our customers more than simply a meal; we provide them an experience that appeals to all their senses. We are experimenting with culinary innovation and creativity with this new menu, and we can’t wait to provide it to our customers.

Adding more to it Chef Momin of Farzi Café said “With our new menu, we’ve taken the concept of Farzification to a whole new level. We wanted to ignite a culinary symphony that engages not just the palate, but all the senses. Each dish is a labor of love, a blend of tradition and innovation that pays homage to our roots while embracing the excitement of the modern dining landscape. We’re thrilled to present these creations to our guests and invite them to join us on a journey of flavors, textures, and surprises.”

By Sujata