• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Five Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Travelling With a Ride-hailing App

Jan 6, 2023

By Pavit Nanda Anand

As we head into the new year, ride-hailing apps will see increased demand for rides as people plan their holidays and travel inter-city for family get-togethers. To ensure that people have a pleasant experience as they move around, here are some safety tips to consider when using ride-hailing apps.

Pick-Up location- While passengers wait for their driver to arrive, it is advisable to do so in a safe place, preferably inside the pick-up location, to avoid being a victim of cell phone snatching.

Ensure to verify the driver details – After confirming the trip, passengers must ensure that the vehicle, plate number and the driver match the details provided in the app. Should none of these details match, passengers should cancel the trip and provide feedback to the app’s support function. Upon receiving this type of feedback, apps can remove drivers and vehicles that violate the rules of the app.

Double-check the payment option – Most ride-hailing platforms offer various payment options so that each passenger can select a method that suits them best. Passengers are reminded to always ensure they selected the intended payment method. Should a passenger opt to pay with cash, it is essential to ensure they have enough money on them.

Accurate destination address – The destination included in the trip helps direct the driver as well as calculate the cost of the trip. Entering an incorrect address can inconvenience the driver, affecting where the journey ends. Inputting the correct address is vital, especially when requesting a ride for someone else. As this option is quite popular among users, adding an incorrect drop-off address can cause the passenger unnecessary anxiety.

Respect the driver and the cab – Passengers are encouraged to respect the driver and their vehicle by leaving the car the way it was during pick-up. Passengers can also share their route with their family and loved ones so that they can track their trip or estimate their ETA. The “share my trip” function lets anyone with a link track the trip in real time. Passengers are, of course, reminded to check if they had left any of their belongings when exiting the car.