Ganesh Chatuthri 2023: Jashan Bhumkar REVEALS why its a double celebration for him this year

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Jashan BhumkarThe much-awaited Ganesh Chaturthi festival is here, and like every year, his devotees have welcomed him with utmost love. Classical and Marathi singer, Jashan Bhumkar, who is also a devoted follower of Lord Ganesha, has opened up about his celebrations for the year.

“The tradition of Ganpati goes back many, many years, possibly hundreds, in my family and our heritage, and it has always been a very special festival for us,” says Jashan. “This year is exceptionally meaningful for two reasons. Firstly, we’ve recently renovated our house, and this is the first time that Lord Bappa is coming to our newly renovated home. Secondly, we are also introducing an eco-friendly idol in line with the sustainability movement. So, for both these reasons, this Ganpati celebration is truly special.”

Jashan’s approach to Lord Ganesha is one of unwavering faith and devotion. “I personally have a belief in not making specific requests to Lord Bappa. In our Maharashtrian family and culture, we’ve been taught to welcome Bappa into our lives, take care of Him, perform His seva (service), offer His favorite things, do His pooja (worship), and leave everything to Him,” he shares. “I have complete faith that whatever He does is always for the best, not only for me but for all my loved ones and everyone else. I don’t ask for anything specific; I trust that His actions will always be in our best interest.”

This profound belief leads Jashan to entrust every aspect of his life to Bappa. “While I give my best effort to everything I do, I leave the outcomes entirely to Him. Bappa has consistently ensured that only the best results come to fruition.”

As a musician, Ganpati holds a special place in Jashan’s heart because of its significant musical aspect. “On the first day of Ganpati, throughout the entire night, we organize a musical concert at my guru Pandit Sanjeev Chimmalgi’s place. Along with other accomplished classical musicians, we sing classical and devotional pieces in praise of Bappa. This event is intimate and follows a traditional style, with Bappa’s idol in front of us, and the audience sitting on the floor in a traditional manner.”

This musical gathering is always the highlight of Jashan’s Ganpati celebration at his own home. “Of course, we also engage in various other celebrations, with hundreds of people joining us throughout the day, creating a festive atmosphere. After all the festivities at home, I go to my guru’s house, where we sing and celebrate throughout the night.”

Jashan Bhumkar, a man who wears multiple hats as a singer, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and actor, finds his deepest joy and inspiration in celebrating Lord Ganesha, truly embodying the spirit of devotion, tradition, and faith during this auspicious festival.