Green tech startup Myplan8 Launches Green Score

MyPlan8 LogoNew Delhi/Mumbai, August 19, 2023: Myplan8, a green-tech start-up, today announced its latest innovation – the world’s first-of-its-kind lifestyle score, the Green Score™. The green score has the potential to transform the way individuals evaluate and improve their sustainable practices.

The Green Score™ is an exclusive and patented intelligence system developed by the company. It helps individuals understand their impact on the economy, society, and the environment. Myplan8 has addressed the world’s present need to reduce its ecological footprint and pave the way for a greener future. Just as a credit score evaluates financial credibility, the Green Score™ provides a simplified understanding of an individual’s overall sustainability impact.

Understanding the Green Score™, the score ranges from 300 to 900 (Bad to Excellent). Green Score categories are – Poor to Average (425-550) which is a below-average performance. Whereas, a score between 550 to 625 (Average to Good) suggests adopting minor consumption changes and eco-friendly alternatives to create a greater positive impact. Higher Green Scores™ signify a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The green score is a true reflection of our eco-conscious practices in day-to-day life. Individual benefits in three ways – firstly they understand their impact through the score and the report helps them understand which part of their lifestyle impacts the environment the most, secondly they get tips to help them modify to reduce or zero their impact and lastly they get rewarded for every positive action with Green credits, which are actual carbon credit with real monetary value and get curated offers as their score improves.

Nidhi Mehra, Co-Founder of Myplan8 said – “Knowing and understanding an individual’s Green Score™ offers a unique and measurable way for them to evaluate their environmental impact due to their lifestyle choices and actions. It provides a consistent and quantifiable method for assessing sustainability performance, enabling consumers and stakeholders to make informed judgments. By understanding your Green Score™ and the accompanying detailed report, you gain insight into your current actions and the positive impact that can be achieved through suggested alternative behaviors.”

“At Myplan8 we have built a reward-based ecosystem that empowers individuals to make positive changes effortlessly. Achieving a good Green Score™ comes with a range of benefits and rewards. Individuals with high scores get an opportunity to earn actual monetary value through Green Credits™, which are actual tradable and exchangeable carbon credits. In the future, we plan to establish a good Green Score™ as a way to provide added value to an individual’s profile, leading to benefits in education, career, finance, and government initiatives,” added Koushik Sur, Co-Founder of Myplan8.