Greenlam Industries announces commencement of commercial production at its greenfield laminate project at Naidupeta, Andhra Pradesh

Greenlam IndustriesSeptember 30, 2023: Greenlam Industries Ltd., among the world’s top 3 laminate manufacturers announced the commencement of commercial production at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Naidupeta, Andhra Pradesh September 29, 2023. The establishment of a laminate unit in South India marks a significant step forward in the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing demand for quality laminate sheets and compact boards.

Being a pioneer in decorative surfacing solutions and entering a substrate category, Greenlam offers products ranging from decorative laminates, compact laminates, exterior & interior clads, decorative veneers, engineered wooden floors & doors, and plywood for residential and commercial spaces. Committed to excellence in manufacturing and being a leader in providing surface solutions globally, the new project will accelerate Greenlam Industries’ market opportunity and will add new revenue engines to its growth.

The manufacturing facility, operated by Greenlam South Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenlam Industries, has been established as a greenfield project with an impressive production capacity of 3.50 million laminate sheets and compact boards per annum. The establishment of this manufacturing facility is a testament to Greenlam Industries’ commitment to excellence and innovation in the laminate industry and to contribute to the region’s economic growth and provide top-quality laminate products to its customers. On a consolidated basis, this manufacturing facility has the potential to generate annual revenue of Rs. 600 Crores at full capacity utilization. The location of this facility is further enriched by its demographic advantage, as South India is the largest market and its proximity to the port will help us cater to the international markets by significantly streamlining logistics and reducing transit time.

Speaking on the developments, Mr. Saurabh Mittal, Managing Director and CEO, of Greenlam Industries Ltd. said “We are extremely thrilled to announce our manufacturing facility commencing commercial production at Naidupeta, Andhra Pradesh. This momentous occasion underscores our unwavering dedication to achieving manufacturing excellence and reaffirms our leadership in delivering world-class surface solutions on a global scale.

The launch of this new facility marks an important milestone in our journey, signifying a substantial expansion of our manufacturing capabilities. We are proud to report that our installed capacity for laminates and compact boards has been augmented from 21.02 million per annum to 24.52 million laminate sheets and compact boards per annum on a consolidated basis, across four strategically located laminate plants. This substantial increase in capacity not only demonstrates our commitment to meeting the growing demands of our valued customers but also cements our already strong position in the global laminate industry.

The total capital expenditure (capex) incurred for the project stands at approximately 239 crores till the commencement of the commercial production. This new facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and adheres to the highest industry standards, reflecting our dedication to producing products of unparalleled quality. With this expansion, we are better positioned than ever to cater to the diverse needs of our consumers.

We look forward to continuously innovating and serving our customers with the highest quality products.”