Guilt-free, Pocket & Environment-Friendly Burgers: Burgrill is now serving happiness with an expansion spree across Gujarat!


New Delhi, 23 September 2022: Burgrill – India’s first homegrown burger brand with the widest range of grilled products on its menu – is now on a pan-India expansion spree – starting with 6 new dine-in outlets in the state of Gujarat. The brand intends to open these within the next 4 months in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. This will take the 6-year-old QSR startup with 40+ outlets, closer to its 100-store target by the end of FY 2023 and 65+ outlets by the end of FY 2022.


Despite not having a presence in Gujarat, the Delhi-based grilled gourmet burger brand has always had a heavy fan following in the region. As per Shreh Madan, one of the three co-founders “we have a very diverse menu that caters to people with different preferences and taste buds. Unlike most other burger startups, our expansive vegetarian menu doesn’t just have aloo patties but also offers a spread from beetroot to spinach and mushroom – a variety that vegetarians seldom get. This USP, along with a 75% grilled and healthy menu, has made us a favourite among vegetarian travellers from Gujarat who visit our outlets in Delhi, Chandigarh etc.” The choice to enter the state thus was purely on-popular demand and the founders continue to remain optimistic about the prospects in the region.

The multiple Covid waves had proved to be disastrous for the F&B space in the last 2 years and Burgrill is one of the few homegrown self-funded QSR burger brands that could efficiently tide over the pandemic and pivot to a franchise-focussed asset-light model of growth and expansion. The new dine-in focussed restaurants in Gujarat are being launched along the same lines. The outlets will also make the brand available on marketplaces like Zomato, Swiggy and via self-delivery using DotPe.

Staying in sync with the sensibilities and preferences of the Gujarat audience, most outlets in the region will have a 100% vegetarian menu. One of the key highlights of this menu is a purely plant-based vegetarian burger called ‘Green Meat Pounder’ – made with soy protein, chickpea protein and a blend of plant-based fibres that offer the same texture and mouthfeel as chicken but are 100% vegetarian. This is slowly becoming a favorite amongst vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Harboring a passion and strong focus to create grilled gourmet burgers served at economical prices, Burgrill has and continues to receive an overwhelming amount of love and appreciation throughout its journey. Today, the brand is proud to be serving mouth-watering, healthy and high-quality products across 40+ outlets in India. Burgrill builds a wholesome burger without foregoing elements of good taste. An indulgent meal minus the calories form the crux of the brand’s ethos. The last few years have proven to be instrumental in shaping the way forward for the brand as it sets itself into expansion mode.

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