HAMMER Announces, Values That Stay, Lifestyle that Changes Diwali campaign

Hammer Delhi, October 09, 2023, | HAMMER Brand, a nationwide FMEG leader, announces the launch of its Diwali campaign – “Values that Stay, Lifestyle that Changes”. This campaign endeavours to demonstrate how Diwali traditions can be made available, attainable, and accessible by durable, modern technology. The campaign hinges on HAMMER’s tagline “Re-Imagining Lifestyles”.

Aimed to be carried out in a phased fashion, HAMMER’s “Values that Stay, Lifestyle that Changes” Diwali Campaign, will feature –

  1. A video campaign
  2. Exclusive Diwali Offers on HAMMER’s Entire Catalogue,
  3. Biggest ever giveaways on the brand’s social media handles.

The Advertisement is centred on – “Values that Stay, Lifestyle that Changes”, and will be featured across digital platforms, and social media. The TVC captures the members of a family on Diwali day, digitally communicating to keep track of all festive errands around the house. The son is shown wirelessly attending his mother’s call via his HAMMER Headphones, the mother is shown to be calling from her HAMMER Smartwatch to remind her son of the festivities. The father is seen to be getting ready with HAMMER’s Electric Toothbrush, as he seems to be losing track of time. Finally, the mother is assured of her grocery list being on the way by playing a piece of traditional music on her HAMMER speaker.

Commenting on the launch, Rohit Nandwani, HAMMER Founder and COO, said, “We are proud endorsers of a Smart Lifestyle. Thus, as the spirit of celebration fills the air, we aim to position Hammer’s catalogue as a catalyst in combining Tradition with Tech. Centred on ‘Values that Stay, Lifestyle that Changes’, we aim to convey how adaptive tech like Hammer’s, can serve as a reliable extension in fulfilling last-minute traditions, that is designed to be accessible for anyone. . As we embark on this festive journey together, let the spirit of giving unite us all. Wishing you all a joyful and prosperous festival season!”

The campaign projects how intricately tech is embedded into our daily lives, and how the right tech gear can perform beyond mileage to stay productive for people of all ages, regardless of capabilities. HAMMER Gadgets aims to translate a progressive state of living, where traditions not only coexist but also thrive alongside modern extensions of practicality. It tells that Hammer products are for everyone in the family making it an adaptable smart lifestyle. HAMMER FMEG is a proud enabler of this harmony that avails an efficiency like never before, accommodating values that re-imagine lifestyles.