HFCL’s indigenously built IP/MPLS Routers expected to drive 5G backhaul and transport networks

Mahendra Nahata, New Delhi, October 28, 2023: HFCL Limited (HFCL), a leading technology enterprise and integrated next-gen communications product and solution provider, today announced the launch of its innovative IP/MPLS (Internet Protocol/Multi-Protocol Label Switching) Routers at India Mobile Congress 2023. Indigenously designed and developed, HFCL’s IP/MPLS Router portfolio addresses the network connectivity needs and bandwidth challenges faced by telcos and enterprises in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

This strategic launch underscores HFCL’s commitment to driving technological advancements and meeting the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry.

The comprehensive IP/MPLS Router product line introduced by HFCL aims to empower telcos to backhaul 5G networks, fiber broadband networks and provide last mile connectivity to enterprises in urban metros and tier 2 cities. As a front-runner in next-gen technology solutions, HFCL’s router product line also stands ready to support Industry 4.0 by catering to enterprise-specific demands related to private 5G deployment.

This IP/MPLS Router portfolio will help HFCL’s customers build scalable and efficient networks that are capable of handling different types of data traffic, support Quality of Service (QoS) for bandwidth prioritization, and avoid network congestion. These routers seamlessly integrate and inter-operate with telco’s existing network infrastructure. HFCL’s IP/MPLS routers have been designed to be compact and use industrial-grade components, making them ideal for deployment even in the most challenging environment and space-constrained locations. They offer robust security to protect sensitive customer information against potential threats. These future-ready routers are designed to reduce manual dependency and intervention by offering a zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) and remote management features for end-to-end automated operations. They guarantee zero downtime with hot-swappable power supplies and fans to maximize reliability and network uptime.