HMD Global Announces HMD Easy Pay, a New Smartphone Financing Solution in Collaboration with DMI Finance

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26th October 2023, Bangalore: HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, is delighted to announce the official launch of HMD Easy Pay, a revolutionary smartphone financing solution created in partnership with DMI Finance. The launch event took place in New Delhi, redefining affordability and accessibility for Nokia smartphone enthusiasts.

HMD Easy Pay marks a significant milestone in HMD Global’s mission to provide accessible and user-friendly smartphone financing options. In collaboration with DMI Finance, the program aims to redefine the way customers access and own Nokia smartphones. This Affordability Program offers a seamless and user-friendly experience while providing a host of internal benefits and features:

Instant & Paperless: The program’s truly digital application process results in instant approval, with end-to-end completion taking only minutes.
Diverse Customer Base: HMD Easy Pay extends its reach to a diverse customer base, including new to-credit individuals.
Quick Disbursal: Loan amounts are disbursed to channel partners within 2 hours of the transaction, ensuring minimal impact on the working capital of the partner.
Best Offers: Customers can enjoy no-cost EMIs and transparent pricing across different tenure and down payment options, with no hidden fees.

Ravi Kunwar, VP-India & APAC, HMD Global said, “At HMD Global, our commitment to providing users with quality and accessible smartphones has been unwavering. HMD Easy Pay is the realization of that commitment, a ground-breaking financing program that places Nokia smartphones within reach of all. We are thrilled to be partnering with DMI Finance to bring this revolutionary solution to our customers.”

Shivashish Chatterjee, Co-founder and joint Managing Director, of DMI Finance, added, “In a world where affordability is a central concern in the mobile phone industry, our goal is to provide device financing solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of consumers, including those who are new to credit. Thanks to our advanced technology and the integration of the HMD Soft Lock solution in the backend, this vision is becoming a reality.”

Devices under the HMD Easy Pay Program

The HMD Easy Pay Program covers a variety of Nokia smartphone models, including the Nokia G42 8/256GB, Nokia C32, Nokia C22, and Nokia C12 Pro, offering options to suit diverse customer preferences.

HMD Easy Pay offers a smart and quick way to finance smartphones, ensuring speedy loan approvals. It offers a truly digital application process and attractive offers, such as no-cost EMIs, making it easy for customers to access Nokia smartphones.

One of the key advantages of HMD Easy Pay is its ability to reach a diverse customer base, including those new to credit. The program aims to make smartphone ownership more inclusive and accessible. As the world of smartphone ownership evolves, HMD Easy Pay is set to make a significant impact by redefining affordability and accessibility for Nokia smartphones.