Ramesh_Kashiram_Rajkumr_Bheem Rao_Rangarao_Narmada-Hyderabad, July 01, 2023….. National Convention of Civil Engineers, NATCON-2023 will be held at HICC in Hyderabad on July 17 and 18 for two days.

The theme of the Convention is Building Tall And Resilient- Rising High. An International Seminar is also planned on the theme. It is being hosted by ACCEI Hyderabad Centre. An

Disclosing this addressing a press conference in the city on Friday, K. Rajkumar, President of South India, Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) –(ACCEI) said 600 delegates, 14 international and national speakers from eight plus countries are expected to attend it. He addressed the press conference along with his colleagues

The government of India spends nearly rupees two lakh core per annum on various infrastructure projects. Civil Engineers are national builders. Civil engineers make the world more liveable by building bridges, roads, airports, homes, hospitals, parks, tunnels, stadiums and everything and anything one can imagine. They strive towards building a developed community.

Speaking further he said there is a race for skyscrapers. With over 100 skyscrapers, Mumbai is still the city with the maximum number of skyscrapers in India. Mumbai alone accounts for 70% of skyscrapers in India. The good news is Hyderabad stands second. It accounts for about 8% of tall buildings in India.

Adding more on this Dr Ranga Rao of ACCEI said Hyderabad has all the reasons and potential to surpass Mumbai in the number of skyscrapers in the next five years. The city is going to have 100-plus tall buildings very soon, he added. And he gave reasons for the same. Hyderabad has a stable and safe land as far as earthquakes are concerned. We have more land banks and construction is relatively cheaper here. Mumbai has the need, but there is no land. Hyderabad has land and aspirations. There is a demand too, he said.

Civil Engineers are national builders. We don’t have a good number of civil engineers. Civil Engineers are going to be new IAS Officers as their demand will be more and more and students are going for IT courses.

CH Narmada, Executive Committee Member, the female member and female civil engineer said Civil Engineering is good for women. Women are still seen as the ‘fragile gender’ by many people, but there are many examples that proved otherwise. It is a good career women can build she said.

The participants of the NATCON 2023 include all stakeholders like Architects, Builders and developers, Civil Engineers, MEP Consultants, Government Officials, Real estate Professionals, Structural engineers, and Students, informed Kashiram, Chairman of Hyderabad Centre.

The speakers at the conclave include Jay Marshall Strabala, Design Partner & Founder, of Strabala +Architecture; Dr Naveed Anwar, Senior Advisor to the President, Asian Institute of Technology; Prof. Pennung Warnitchai, an expert in Structural Engineering; Dr Geoff Chao, an expert in Civil & Infrastructure Engineering; Dr Narong Leungbootnak, Chairman, Future Engineering Consultant Co. Ltd., Thailand; Mr Thaung Htut Aung, Director, AIT Solutions; Mr S.M. Zia Uddin, an expert in Wind Tunnel Testing and Structural Health Monitoring, AIT Solutions; Mahesh Arumugam, Regional Director South Asia, Meinhardt; Prof. Suresh Narayana, Structural Fire Engineering; Gopakumar. G, an expert in Vertical Transportation of tall buildings and Srinivas Valluri – MEP expert and CEO, SYNERGY INFRA CONSULTANTS PVT LTD

The Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) is the premier professional body of Civil engineers founded in 1985. It has 39 centres all over India and about 8000 members. It is the only organization that brings all Civil Engineers, Government and its organizations, R&D Institutions and Academica under one roof.

ACCE (I) takes the responsibility to disseminate the knowledge among all fraternities in particular Civil Engineers, Developers, Faculty members and students and their capacity building And also establish a bridge between academia, Students and industry. Rules for professional & ethical conduct & to develop social awareness better sustainable built environment

NATCON (National Convention of Civil Engineers) will be a melting pot of ideas. Stalwarts from the industry will share views on the future of Vertical Urbanism, Architecture, BIM, Metaverse, Sustainability, Data-driven Design, Computational Design, Climate Change, Water Conservation, AI, Spaces, 3D Printing, and Robotic Fabrication.

Mr A. Kashiram, Chairman of Hyd Centre; Mr J. Bheem Rao, Secretary, Hyd Centre; Mr C. Ramesh, Treasurer, Hyd Centre and CH Narmada, Executive Committee Member and other committee members participated in the press conference.

By Sujata