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New Delhi, October 31st, 2022: With the aim to reward companies engaged in sustainable practices and policies, and encourage others to do the same, the Green Urja and Energy Efficiency Awards, by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), is in its 3rd edition this year. The Indian Chamber of Commerce is one of the most proactive industry associations in the country today, working towards a growth-oriented model for all the key driving sectors of the economy. The last date to apply for the awards is November 7th, 2022.

This year too, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a JV of Public Sector Undertakings under the Ministry of Power, will be evaluating the Green Urja and Energy Efficiency Awards. The jury panel chaired by Mr. Anil Razdan, Chairman of ICC National Expert Committee on Energy and Former Secretary, Power, GOI, consists of other eminent members like Mr. Gireesh Pradhan, Former Chairman, CERC; Ms. Neerja Mathur, Former Chairperson, of CEA; Mr. KS Popli- Former Chairman and Managing Director, IREDA; Dr. Winfried Damm, Director, Indo-German Energy Program; Mr. Ashvini Kumar- Former Managing Director, Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd. and Former Senior Director, Renewable Energy Technologies Division, TERI; Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Energy Expert; Mr. Anil Kumar Choudhary, Head – Operations, EESL.

Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Head(International), EESL, Mr. Girja Shankar, Head(CDP), EESL, and Mr. Ajay Raj, AGM(Technical), EESL are in the award evaluation team of the 3rd Edition of Green Urja and Energy Efficiency Awards 2022.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anil Razdan, Chairman of Green Urja, and Energy Efficiency Awards, Chairman of ICC National Expert Committee for Energy & Water, and Former Power Secretary, GOI, said, “The development of Renewable Energy and Storage accompanied by Energy Efficiency is the path of sustainable development. India must develop these technologies indigenously in order to maximize the benefits to the economy. The ICC and EESL would like to be at the forefront of the development and promotion of these technologies.”

Adding to this, Mr. Nitin Bhatt, Senior Manager (Sales & PR) said, “Energy efficiency is a key driving force in meeting India’s environmental and climate goals. At EESL, we aim to accelerate the adoption of clean energy, increase the integration of renewable energy into the grid, and promote energy efficiency.”

Energy is the cornerstone of development and growth for every society. The use of renewable sources of energy plays a catalytic role in the overall development of a nation. Over the last decade, energy efficiency has shown its immense potential in enhancing energy security and mitigating climate change. Against this backdrop, the Green Urja and Energy Efficiency Awards gain even greater significance.

The Green Urja and Energy Efficiency award aims to create a platform for highlighting transparent innovative and sustainable practices, policies, and performances, to inspire and motivate others to adopt the same. It will acknowledge and reward companies in the following categories:

· Top Solar Park

· Top RE Manufacturing (Solar/Wind/Battery Storage)

· Top Financing Institutions for RE & EE

· Top IPP – Project Development (Solar/Wind/Biomass and Waste to Energy)

· Innovative Projects and Jury Choice (Optional)

· Top Industry in RE Consumption

· Top Industry in EE Deployment



By Sujata