• Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

IIM Bangalore’s NSRCEL – a boost to Startup Ecosystem in India with its multiple cohorts

Sep 29, 2022

Bengaluru, 29th September 2022: Being the leading incubation centre for startups, emerging businesses, and women entrepreneurs in India, Nadathur S. Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL)is IIM Bangalore’s flagship business incubator that is a non-profit institution purely focused on aiding creators and funding startups in their journey. With programs specifically catering to entrepreneurs with profit ventures and social ventures, also student and women entrepreneurs, and various players of the startup ecosystem, NSRCEL brings together startups, industry mentors, eminent academicians from its parent institution – Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, and researchers who thrive on continuous interaction of theory and practice. NSRCEL is proud to be a platform that helps entrepreneurs get access to resources that can help them come together and innovate the future of India. It is also the first incubator with a program tailored for social entrepreneurs and their unique challenges. Over the years, the platform has curated programs that attempt to reach every niche of the business ecosystem. NSRCEL embodies the entrepreneurial spirit in India in its truest sense.

With nearly 600 ventures incubated that exceed $1.5 Billion in combined value, NSRCEL provides the much-needed impetus to Indian startups to embark on their entrepreneurial path. Most ventures at NSRCEL today have a tech-enabled proposition, often using a combination of digital, cloud, and AI/ ML technologies as a route to differentiate and scale. Over the past 20 years since its inception, NSRCEL has engaged with over 115,000 entrepreneurs through a range of programs.

Currently, NSRCEL is working with four exciting mobility-related startups:

1) Prian Energy (Ms. Anuradha Thakur, Director) (Venture on Clean Energy)

For vehicle users who are enthusiastic to adopt electric vehicles but are discouraged due to charging infrastructure availability and waiting/queue time of charging, Prian e charge+, is the solution to improve charging point availability at users’ convenience. In addition, it will create business opportunities for parking lot owners.

2) SWYTCHD (Sameer Arif, Founder) (Velocity Ventures)

Inclusive electric vehicle subscription. 1-month commitment with insurance, servicing, breakdown support and free charging included. SWYTCHD is removing the significant upfront financial costs and long-term time commitments currently required to “own” an EV.

3) The Energy Company (Rahul Lamba, Co-Founder |Pratik Somani, Co-Founder |Prashant ) (Velocity Ventures)

They help mobility users adopt Electric vehicles by providing faster, cheaper and more reliable batteries. Our Data-enabled energy platform ensures superior control over batteries, provides battery analytics and make sure they are ready to be deployed in second-life applications.

4) TransportSimple (Jasdeep Singh, Founder & CEO) (Velocity Ventures)

TransportSimple builds a suite of enterprise solutions for any business size to manage the operation and accounts with ease. A one-stop solution covers every aspect of the industry with analytical reports from outstanding to expenses, from vehicle to driver, from financials to tax statements, all with the same effort or lesser than needed for traditional manual working.