Indeed reveals top career choices for veterans in India

Bengaluru, 26 July, 2023: Indeed, the world’s #1 jobs site, today shared insights on employment preferences and career transitions of veterans post their military service. The findings showcased the cities and job titles that veterans are most interested in exploring and the actual civilian careers they transitioned to between July 2021 to June 2023.

After veterans retire from the military, they may continue working by serving the public in a different capacity or joining the private sector. Veterans can use their unique skills and experience to pursue positions in various sectors and fields.

Indeed’s data shows that roles such as Teacher (5.38%), Security Officer (4.08%), Security Supervisor (2.14%) and General Manager (1.69%) are the top roles post military. Veterans can become excellent teachers due to their strong leadership, discipline, and adaptability honed during military service. Their problem-solving abilities, resilience, and communication skills enable them to effectively engage students and create a positive learning environment.

Delhi takes the lead as the city with the highest percentage (7.44%) of transitioning veterans to civilian jobs, closely followed by Bengaluru (6.56%) and Mumbai (6.50%).

Mr. Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed India said, “Fostering values like honesty, devotion, and integrity — which are innate to veterans — requires substantial rigor. With their strong leadership, problem-solving, and adaptability, veterans excel in multiple civilian careers. In the last few years, employers have begun to place a high value on the discipline and sense of pride that veterans bring to their workplaces. Given the attributes that veterans bring, hiring for this segment is likely to increase in the coming years.”

Indeed’s platform also showcases roles and cities that veterans want to join. Clicks on job postings like security officer (4.03%), security supervisor (2.04%), executive (1.61%), teacher (1.45%), facilities manager (1.39%) are the highest in terms of roles veterans are interested in. These roles align with the ones that veterans have already transitioned into indicating that roles involving security, supervision, and management are suitable for ex-servicemen.

When it comes to cities of interest, Bengaluru emerges as the top choice, capturing 13.94% of veteran clicks on job postings, followed by Mumbai (5.20%) and Delhi (5.12%). These cities remain at the top due to their vibrant job markets, making them appealing destinations for veterans seeking fulfilling civilian careers.


This data is pooled from resumes that contain mentions of employment by the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force within their 3 most recent employers, were updated or uploaded between Jul’21 and Jun’23 and by calculating the % of clicks on postings broken out by company, title, and job location