• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

India’s Leading SaaS Based Drone Logistics Firm Skye Air Debuts at CES 2023

Jan 6, 2023

New Delhi, 6th Jan, 2023: Skye Air Mobility, India’s leading SaaS-based drone logistics firm that recently reached a milestone of delivering over 1 million packages via Drones; has announced its debut in much awaited CES 2023 being held from January 5-8 in Las Vegas.

Skye Air today announced that it will be launching its proprietary UTM platform, Skye UTM, for India and the UAE followed by the US and other markets. Skye UTM is considerably the most advanced UTM platform in the world with numerous layers of data for the UAS operators/enterprises to make use of, in case of flying in urban or rural environments.

Legacy ATM (Air Traffic Management) companies deploy solutions which requires ATC (Air Traffic Controller) to communicate with the aircraft and the pilot on-board, solving the purpose for manned aviation. However, for UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), the need is to have a more comprehensive, autonomous and efficient traffic management solution which can communicate with the UAS and suggest measures so as to make flights more safer.

Skye UTM is an answer to such needs, the platform integrates with the UAS and captures more than 255+ parameters of UAS movements and stores them into its ‘Blackbox’ which is a published systematic description of the entire flight. Skye UTM also offers the first 3-Dimensional view of the UAS airspace along with operations and regulations mapping servers which offer the latest airspace status, verified paths, and display real time UAS movements. Skye UTM platform offers real time, low latency infrastructure that ensures we know how each UAS is flying in the airspace and predicting the next 50 seconds of the flights and accordingly maintaining the integrity of the airspace.

Skye UTM is India’s one and only UAS traffic management platform that has been built towards providing better navigation, risk assessment, connectivity, and traffic management to all drone operators across the airspace. Skye UTM has already supported 300+ successful BVLOS drone flights till date.

Ankit Kumar, CEO, Skye Air Mobility, said, “It’s a great opportunity to showcase the India-developed Skye UTM at a global platform like CES 2023. We believe this is the right time to be in the market and Skye UTM is rightly placed to offer safer skies for all. Apart from providing airspace awareness, the Skye UTM also offers ground risk assessment leading to creating tunnel-based navigation for enhanced safety. The platform will be available for commercial use in India and the UAE starting mid-January, followed on by the US and other markets towards mid-2023. With the increase in adoption of UAS across different applications around the world, the need to have safer skies is must. The proprietary tunnel based navigation is placed to help operators fly with ease and enhanced safety.”

Skye Air expects the global launch of “Skye UTM” at the CES 2023 to help the company to bring the India-developed platform to the global drone operators.