Infobip introduces CPaaS X, a modular API stack for platforms

Adrian Benić_India, July 18, 2023 – Global cloud communications platform Infobip, has introduced CPaaS X, the next generation of Communications Platform as a Service. CPaaS X is a modular set of APIs built with platforms for platforms to tackle pain points in onboarding and managing a high number of clients, expanding to new markets, and adding new channels to the platform’s offering. Infobip helps to create better customer experiences by transforming customer engagement that drives impact, scale, and revenue growth.

The new modular API stack provided by Infobip automates processes and provides flexibility, helping with onboarding, resource provisioning, reporting, and monitoring, and enables easily adding and using different communication channels. It’s a full package of enhanced tools for developers who can pick and choose the APIs they need and implement them into their applications and workflows quickly. The APIs are designed to be flexible, and come with support from the Infobip technology team, so developers can access assistance with connecting all of their crucial applications and communication resources.

Platforms are digital companies with their own proprietary software solutions which they include with their services, from martech and customer service to fintech, ecommerce, and enterprise solution platforms. Infobip helps these platforms to quickly onboard their customers who can, in turn, easily engage with their end users. In a competitive market, where constant innovation is required, Infobip offers platforms more options and services to their customers. For example, by enriching the platform’s portfolio with more than 15 channels, Infobip also enables you to add multiple channels with a single API integration. Infobip offers extensive knowledge of privacy and local regulations as each country has different laws and regulations in place. In addition, the flexible and modular APIs are simple to implement into any system, reducing complexity for easy integration and scaling.

Named multiple times as CPaaS leader by IDC1, Juniper Research2, and Omdia3, Infobip established a strong position in the CPaaS market as a full-stack communications platform-as-a-service with global reach. Infobip was also recognized in the 2023 Gartner® Competitive Landscape CPaaS report. According to Gartner, “the CPaaS market has advanced to include higher functionality, with vendors now both stretching into adjacent markets like CCaaS, CRM, CDP, and CAI. CPaaS providers must package an offering that encompasses the customer’s total experience to capture new growth and higher margins.”

Adrian Benić, Chief Product Officer at Infobip, said: “We are the only CPaaS provider that created APIs specifically designed to automate processes across all stages of the platform’s journey with CPaaS and help platforms become truly omnichannel with minimal engineering effort. With automation and new concepts, we handle the logic and enable platforms to scale without additional operational load and allow their customers to become customer-centric no matter the region they operate in. That, on top of our global connectivity and worldwide presence, makes us uniquely able to provide the best service to our platform customers. With a single unified API, adding new channels couldn’t be easier, but CPaaS X can also handle channel orchestration and all failover logic ensuring that these platforms can always reach their customers on their preferred channel.”