IRCTC’s Zoop Users can now order food using Instagram

Zoop InstagramJuly 2023, India: Zoop, an online food aggregator approved by IRCTC, has launched its service on the go-to social media platform Instagram. This unique initiative enables train travellers to effortlessly place orders for their desired meals using their Instagram account with a few simple taps. The delicious food will be promptly delivered to the train seats, precisely at the location of the train, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable train journey.

Zoop’s Instagram Chatbot service, Ziva, enhances the food ordering experience for train passengers. It provides a diverse range of cuisines, including Jain food, South Indian, Chinese, snacks, and North Indian dishes. This convenient service enables passengers to satisfy their cravings during their journey without depending solely on home-packed or train pantry food.

How to order food from Zoop via Instagram :

  •  Open Instagram and go to @zoopFood.
  •  Send “Hi” to engage with the automated chatbot via direct message.
  •  Select an option or choose “Order Food” from the chatbot’s provided options.
  •  Enter your name and mobile number as requested.
  •  Share your PNR Status on WhatsApp and choose the delivery station for your order.
  •  Choose a restaurant and select your desired menu items.
  •  Select your preferred payment method to place the order.
  • Track the order using Instagram, and the food will be delivered to your train seat.

Puneet Sharma, Founder of Zoop, expresses his enthusiasm about the new service. He states, “We are delighted to unveil Zoop’s latest offering, which empowers passengers to effortlessly order food through a user-friendly Instagram app. Our utmost commitment is to ensure Zoop’s accessibility to every passenger and enhance the train journey by providing a hassle-free and stress-free experience. Our aim is to deliver exquisite dishes from various regions across the nation, allowing passengers to enjoy them directly in their train seats. And this new service is effectively transforming these goals into a reality.”

Zoop’s Instagram bot provides valuable assistance to train travellers, offering more than just food ordering. It empowers users to conveniently check their PNR Status and access various food order-related options. These options encompass checking available discounts, tracking food deliveries, cancelling orders, and raising complaints. By incorporating these features, the bot ensures a streamlined and convenient order process for travellers.