JD Institute of Fashion Technology Introduced iFestival: A Grand Celebration of Fashion, Art, and Creativity

Rannvijay SinghaNew Delhi, August 2023 –The JD Institute of Fashion Technology orchestrated a highly anticipated event, “iFestival,” a pinnacle of student design extravagance. With the weight of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, a subsidiary of JD Image Promotions Ltd, behind it, this remarkable occasion took center stage at Delhi’s prestigious JLN Indoor Stadium from August 18th to 19th. Participants were fully immersed in the world of fashion, drawing insights from industry icons and being enthralled by captivating showcases at TFA – The Fashion Awards. Simultaneously, Exhibit X presented cutting-edge interior exhibits, while Camp 11820 showcased avant-garde artistry. This multi-dimensional homage to art, culture, and design left an indelible mark. The event’s tickets were swiftly claimed, affording an unparalleled engagement with luminaries such as Rannvijay Singha, Prats Official, and Bella.

The event comprised three exciting sub-categories, each catering to different aspects of the design world:

  1.  TFA – The Fashion Awards: a dynamic occasion that acknowledges and honors trailblazers and style luminaries representing a range of backgrounds. The line-up includes four exclusive fashion presentations starring the gifted students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology. These runway displays are set to be a focal point of the event, spotlighting the inventiveness, ingenuity, and distinct aesthetics of the up-and-coming designers. Experience firsthand the definitive fashion choices of India’s youth as they embrace their personal flair and exhibit their one-of-a-kind expression
  2.  Exhibit X: embark on a journey into a realm of creativity and ingenuity as the exhibition unveils prototypes, installations, and models meticulously crafted by the aspiring designers of JD Institute. Across the span of two days, you’ll immerse yourself in the realm of thought-provoking concepts and ideas presented by these exceptionally gifted individuals. Engage in stimulating dialogues with design luminaries and alumni, delving into discussions that contemplate the trajectory of design and its inherent responsibilities in shaping the future
  3.  Camp 11820: An enclave for artists and painters to exhibit their unconventional creations and visionary concepts, bound to captivate the audience’s imagination. Engaging industry experts have crafted their distinctive design narrative within this creative realm, resulting in a captivating showcase of imaginative brilliance and artistic ingenuity.

Distinguished by the presence of celebrated personalities for their exceptional accomplishments, the occasion was graced by a group of dignitaries, each hailing from diverse fields. This august gathering was further elevated by the esteemed participation of His Excellency Mr. Jason K.M. Hall, who had served as the High Commissioner of Jamaica, and His Excellency Mr. Javier Manuel Paulinich Velarde, the former Ambassador of Peru, who had imparted an international allure to the event. Infusing the gathering with a tapestry of cultural richness, Ms. Vanessa Espinosa, who had been the Head of Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Mexico, had been a captivating presence. The event had also been graced by prominent government officials, including Mahaveer Sanghvi, who had held the position of Joint Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs, and Dr.RoopakVashisht, who had been the CEO of AMHSSC, thus creating an environment that had resonated with an air of accomplished distinction. The inauguration of the event had been graced by Rajeev Sethi, a distinguished Indian designer, scenographer, and art curator.

Crafted with the aim of igniting inspiration and unleashing the vast potential of Indian students and recent graduates, this two-day extravaganza is a testament to the power of art, culture, and design. iFestival 2023 serves as a platform that highlights the ingenious creativity and intellectual prowess of artists, designers, and innovators, paving the way for fresh horizons in the journey ahead.

Ms. RupalDalal, Managing Director of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, said“iFestival is not just an event; it’s a testament to the power of creative expression. We believe that fashion and art are inseparable, and this festival aims to break down barriers and encourage collaboration between these dynamic domains. iFestival will be a playground for imagination, fostering connections and inspiring innovation.”

Mr. Rajeev Sethi, Chief Guest and a noted Indian designer, scenographer and art curator, said“People come from across the country and show their designs and it not limited to a word only. We are the one unique country when it comes to design and the best one, I guess. This platform celebrates the synergy between fashion and art, allowing designers like me to explore new dimensions of creativity.”

iFestival Fashion 2023 goes beyond traditional confines to present an encounter that flawlessly amalgamates art, fashion, and creativity. Featuring standout live performances, meticulously designed zones, and an homage to timeless artistic expression, alongside fostering active student participation, this occasion is poised to reshape our perception of fashion.