JK Super Cement launches Diwali Campaign- Kare Har Raah Roshan #LightOfHappiness

solar lights

30th October 2021: A brand with a purpose, JK Super Cement rings in the festivities with a special Diwali Campaign- Kare Har Raah Roshan #LightOfHappiness- by lighting up streets and chowks across eight states in India. This sustainable initiative was done by installing 160 solar-powered lights in different villages across India, impacting over 12 lakh populations.

JKCement identified these dark alleys and bylanes across villages where passersby find it difficult or unsafe to cross those streets due to inadequate lights. The company installed these lights in those areas thereby preventing road accidents and other related difficulties.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Pushp Raj Singh, President Marketing, Grey Cement Business, JK Cement Ltd., said, ‘Toeing on the lines of “Brand with a Purpose” we had put our heads together to think how this Diwali JKCement can make the lives of people a little “happier and shiner”. Upon much discussion, we came up with this noble idea to install these lights in the dark alleys. It is JKCement’s small effort to bring a little bit of happiness in people’s lives.”

Adding further, Mr. Singh said, “The company always has been at the forefront of holistically developing the communities it serves, with solutions that are eco-friendly, cost-efficient and sustainable. The brand had been addressing real issues that are affecting people through a plethora of social, charitable, healthcare and educational initiatives. We have always tried to resonate with our brand value proposition through our campaigns. The campaign Kare Har Raah Roshan is in continuation of its efforts to address a pressing concern by adding convenience and safer infrastructure.”

Earlier this year, JK Super Cement created a record by constructing 251 ramps in various government schools in the district of Jaipur, Rajasthan in a single day.

The cement company to mark this celebration has released a heart-warming 120-second video, named, #LightOfHappiness on their social media handles. (YouTube link: https://youtu.be/izgmb-V1_f0)

The video depicts how people across various villages struggle due to the lack of inadequately lit streets. JK Super Cement has identified and addressed this problem by installing sustainable solar lights in these areas. The video ends with the line, “Har raah ko roshan karta mai yahi milunga, kyunki suraksha ka ye wada pucca hai, irada hamara ye pucca hai.”

The social media film, #LightOfHappiness has been conceptualised by Social Cloud Ventures, a digital solutions provider for social media, mobile apps, and digital business marketing sectors.

Talking about the need for this initiative, Mr. Love Raghav, Head – Branding, Grey Cement Business, said, ‘I would often hear about unfortunate incidents of inconvenience, crimes and road accidents that happen in remote villages due to inadequately lit streets and alleys from my friends. This year with our Diwali Campaign, #LightOfHappiness Kare Har Raah Roshan, we got this opportunity to not only address this problem with a self-sustaining solution but also spread hope, strength, safety and happiness among over 12 lakh people residing in the rural areas of India.’

Talking further about the initiative, Mr. Raghav added, “The campaign is very close to our hearts as it perfectly blends into our brand’s ideology of ’Build Safe’. At JK Super Cement, our objective has been to undertake various developmental initiatives across the length and breadth of the country and create a better infrastructure that benefits one and all.” he further added.