KITES Senior Care launches India’s largest & comprehensive Dementia Care Centre on ‘World Alzheimer’s Day

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KITES Senior Care

Bengaluru, September 28, 2023: KITES Senior Care, a Geriatric care services provider founded by Rajagopal G, Dr A S Arvind, and Dr Reema Nadig, announced the launch of India’s largest comprehensive Dementia Care Centre in North Bengaluru, designed to provide superior residential care for persons with Dementia and focus on the early diagnosis and staging of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as well. The facility is located at Trinity Layout, Ashwath Nagar, Hennur Gardens, Geddalahalli, Bengaluru and is spread over 21,000Sq ft of built-up area. With a capacious 110-bed capacity, the new centre is poised to set the benchmark in senior care.

The inauguration of this Dementia Care Facility in Bangalore on coincides with World Alzheimer’s Day, underlining the commitment from KITES Senior Care to raise awareness. This state-of-the-art facility will provide holistic support to seniors, encompassing their day-to-day activities and addressing their psychosocial needs. Along with this the Dementia Care Centre will provide a dedicated day-care area specifically tailored to cater to elderly diagnosed with early stage Dementia.

As per Dementia India, presently 8.8 million Indians older than 60 years are grappling with Dementia, a number that is forecasted to cross the 1.7 crore mark by 2036. Dementia, a group of conditions characterised by cognitive impairments, such as memory loss and judgement issues, affects a substantial number of individuals, particularly those aged 65 or older. The estimated Dementia prevalence for adults aged 60+ in India is 7.4%. A report by NCBI states that Dementia is a global issue of concern, with the number of people living with it expected to double every two decades.

KITES Senior Care is committed to addressing the significant need of persons with Dementia, ensuring that individuals and their families receive the care and support required to navigate the challenges of Dementia. The brand recently closed a Pre Series A funding of USD 2 Million from Dr Ranjan Pai’s MEMG family office. The funds are being used to expand their presence in South India, latest being in Chennai, and provide quality geriatric care for the elders.

Rajagopal G, Founder and CEO of KITES Senior Care, said, “Forecast of 2036 reveals a staggering estimate of 1.7 Crore Indians grappling with Dementia. The repercussions are far-reaching with memory losses, disorientation, struggling with everyday tasks and reduced social behaviours. For the immediate family members this becomes challenging especially as the disorder progresses. With the initial success, we are now embarking to establish this large & a comprehensive facility in addressing this pressing need. India’s largest and most comprehensive Dementia Care facility is dedicated to providing world-class treatment tailored to the needs of our elderly population at optimal costs.”

Dr Reema Nadig, Co-Founder and Group Medical Director of KITES Senior Care, said, “As a healthcare professional, I’ve witnessed the growing impact of Dementia on elderly individuals in India. With an ageing population and changing demographics, Dementia has become a pressing public health concern. Early diagnosis, timely interventions, and comprehensive care are pivotal in addressing Dementia’s challenges. By fostering a more Dementia-friendly society and investing in research and healthcare infrastructure, we can make significant strides in improving the lives of our elderly population affected by this condition. To raise much-needed awareness around World Alzheimer’s Day, KITES Senior Care is excited to introduce its one-of-its-kind Dementia Care unit for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. KITES Senior Care is dedicated to enhancing our senior population’s wellbeing and addressing the problems associated with Dementia with the launch of this facility in Bangalore.”