Laddoos for Fitness and Celebration: The Iconic Indian Traditional Foods Brand that Made Dreams Come True this Festive Season

Devangi Patankar, Co-Founder & Director, Khauwala & Co

Pune, 17/11/21: Khauwala & Co., is a new venture from the 70-year-old iconic brand of Pune Khauwale Patankar renowned for its mouth-watering range of Indian traditional food items and snacks. During the festival season they unveiled their range of premium laddoos that delighted food lovers all over the world.

Laddoos are undoubtedly the poster boys of festivities in India and are extensively shared on every occasion. However, health-conscious people tend to suppress desire due to the high sugar content in the laddoos available in the local markets. This is where Khauwala & Co came up with an innovative, diverse, and premium quality range of laddoos made using the finest of grains freshly ground for each batch of products. Pure ghee, essential condiments, and dry fruits help give a superior texture and flavor experience.

The diversity of mouth-watering sweets starts with the classic pure ghee laddoos, the iconic dessert served with traditional Indian meals in households all over India. However, the true game-changer from Khauwala is the range of protein laddoos for fitness-conscious consumers. So far, the fear of calories has kept this audience away from the laddoos even during the festivals, but now with the Khauwala Protein, Whole Grain, and Seven Grains laddoos one can relish the goodness without a worry.

Celebration Festive Royale front

People with diabetes are another segment which is typically denied the opportunity to gorge on sweets. But the sugar free range of whole wheat, ragi, protein and moong laddoos from Khauwala now brings ample options to the table for them as well. Not only that, this dynamic and changing brand also offers novelties such as singhada, saboodana, peanuts and jaggery and peanuts and dates laddoos for the people who observe holy fasts.

Talking about the brand, Devangi Patankar, Co-Founder & Director, Khauwala & Co., said, “At Khauwala, we are carrying forward an unmatched legacy of over 7 decades. As a brand, we have not only kept the authentic taste and richness of ingredients alive but have also integrated our offerings with the culture of our great country. While we have always maintained utmost standards of hygiene and quality alongside consistency of taste in all our products, the recent pandemic outbreak has further necessitated benchmarking of hygiene. That’s where our state-of-the-art, least contact production and packaging processes match stringent global standards of hygiene. The packaging features the traditional ‘chitrakari’ art of India and depicts various aspects associated with the traditional consumption of sweets and festivities in Indian households.”

Elaborating further, Devangi said, “We are reinventing the laddoo. The Classic laddoo has been a signature dish of Khauwala over the years, and now we have unveiled a range of laddoos in different flour and ingredient combinations to ensure that no matter what preferences one has, there is always one Khauwala laddoo to delight the taste buds of every person on the planet. Whether you are observing a fast, concerned about calorie intake or suffering from diabetes, our diverse range of laddoos gives ample options to everyone to gorge on. Festivities and consumption of sweets are intertwined in Indian culture. Through our fusion of the quintessential taste and goodness with modern sensibilities and technology-driven production, we are now taking Indian foods to the world. We have humongous production and packaging facilities in place. Through our in-depth understanding of the markets, we are now presenting Indian traditional snacks as classy and contemporary ready-to-eat snacking options to the global audience.”

Established in the year 1950 as a single shop by the name of Patankar & Mandali by Mr. Vasant Patankar, the legacy is now being taken forward under the able leadership of young and dynamic Devangi Patankar. Under this new offering of Khauwala & Co. Devangi aims to take the brand’s legacy and recipes to a global audience. Khauwala & Co. is now set to expand its footprint in the multi-billion dollar global Ready-To-Eat market through its authentic and premium quality Indian foods, pickles, chutneys, flours, etc.

Since 2010, they also have a separate entity called Patankar Events which was co-founded by Devangi, her father Ramesh Patankar, and mother Soniya Patankar and it has been ranked as the Best Traditional Event Management Company by IPSA (California Survey) in 2018.