Line Is Life by Yusuf


We are delighted to share that the “Line Is Life” exhibition by Yusuf at Triveni Kala Sangam was a tremendous success. The exhibition, which ran from February 13th to 21st, featured 100 works of art by the renowned Bhopal-based artist, Yusuf. Many of Yusuf’s artist friends were present at the show, including Manish Pushkale, Sridhar Iyyer, Ashok Bajpai, Uma Nair, and many more. Their presence added to the overall success of the event and showcased the strong bonds of camaraderie and mutual support that exist in the art community. Curated by Prayag Shukla, the event was accompanied by a screening of a film on Yusuf by Dr. Shruti Lakhanpal Tandon and a poetry reading by Joshnaa Banerjee Adwanii. The event was well-attended by media outlets and art enthusiasts who appreciated the exhibition’s personal, emotional, and spiritual response to art. Yusuf’s paintings are characterized by their strong lines, powerful compositions, and a meditative quality that invites the viewer’s attention. His use of color, surface qualities, and lines create a unique visual language that tells a story without the use of words.